The Contract

Tired of shaking I am losing control
too much anxiety has taken its toll
adrenaline pumping all through my veins
standing here naked body wrapped up in chains
I’m a prisoner help me let me out of this cage
theres nothing more deadly then a heart full of rage
I scream through the cell hoping someone will hear
a voice dark and low says “you have nothing to fear”
“GOD is that you?” I reply in the dark
“You know the answer” its says “look deep in your heart”
“GOD I cant see, are you really here now?”
“All in due time but first you must say this vow”
“GOD I’ll do anything just free me from this hell”
“I have you my child there’s no need to yell”
” What must I do GOD just tell me I’m in”
” First you must bow and let me wipe you from sin”
“Oh GOD I am sorry I was wrong please forgive me”
“Your prayer has been answered now just open your eyes and you’ll see”
So I opened my eyes and got such a surprise
standing before me was not GOD but SATAN with snake eyes
“Lucifer it is you i thought u were GOD
how could you do this why the facade?”
“Child not everyone who hears you is GOD dont you know
take my hand and I’ll show you the right way to go.”
“I cannot do that I wont go with you
I’d rather be dead then sell my soul like a fool.”
“Child you are mistaken it’s too late you’re all mine
for it wasnt you who made your life contract it was your parents who signed!”


2 thoughts on “The Contract

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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