Love Hurts

Sometimes I get scared when you are not around
my mind fills with thoughts to the point I almost begin to drown.
I try to push them out of my head and just feel you in my heart
I feel so empty without you I almost fall apart.
And just when I feel I’m about to lose it all
you walk back in my life and say those words so very small.
They fill my soul with so much light
I cant help but know I shouldn’t give up the fight.
I may get quite shy at times and not know what to say
but I need you to know it’s you I think of every single day.
I don’t know how you do it how you make me feel so great
all that I know is this has got to be fate.
Sometimes I get so down because I miss you so bad
then my heart fills with rage over something I thought that we had.
I picture your face in my mind, I see it so clear
then comes the hopeless feelings of jealousy and fear.
Tears begin to run down my face, one by one then a lot
til I can’t even move from all the pain that it brought.
I sit and I cry and I can’t figure it out
that’s when I realize the reason for this pain is that I love you without any doubt.
It hurts me inside because you are absentee
I keep screaming out loud, “how could you forget about me?”
When I finally pick myself up and become strong once more
something happens I just can’t ignore.
You come back to me and it’s like you were there all along
then I think to myself I must have been wrong.
I hope you don’t get upset that I am telling you this
but there’s something about us together I just can’t dismiss.
I try and be patient knowing that one day it will all be ok
I just miss you so much when you are away.
You make me so happy you make me shine bright
I feel like a princess, you are my white knight.
Maybe it scares you that I come on too strong
I hope you forgive me if I am doing this wrong.
I dream of you nightly is that such a crime
I want you with me forever not just some of the time.
I say these things to you because I can’t hold it inside
I don’t care who knows how much I love you, I have nothing to hide.
You don’t mean to hurt me I can hear it in your voice
things are this way because we have no other choice.
Just close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, what do you feel?
You are within me and I within you, you know this is real.
Open up to me, let me heal you, let me take away all of your pain
you have nothing to lose but have so very much to gain


Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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