Live and Die Alone


I have been raped of all my sanity from the day that I was born
I never knew true happiness, my feelings often torn.

All I wanted was a family, something pure, nothing twisted
but, how was I to know that what I thought was love never really existed.

A small child all alone in this world, a tragedy to say the least
innocence has been stripped away by a mortal beast.

Too young to understand what is happening to her
she lives each day in agony of which there is no cure.

Some people try to help her out but, they can’t get inside her heart
you cannot make a child love when they’ve only known hate from the very start.

The child feels so all alone as she walks through the cold, uncaring street
she searches for someone to love her but, she never feels complete.

Growing up faster everyday she tries to find escape
too many failed suicide attempts now her life she must reshape.

Nobody there to help her out she truly is alone
she continues down this heartbreaking path, her destiny unknown.

The years drag on yet she grows up faster then any child should
she tries her best to make her way but,  stays misunderstood.

People cannot see how hard this life has been on her
she tries so hard to hide the pain, putting on a smile, to give the world what they prefer.

Nobody really knows her, they assume too many things
she has so many talents but, has yet to spread her wings.

So very tired and confused, she bows her head and asks herself one question,
“How do I use this pain to my advantage that drives my will to live yet keep it in suppression?”

The question stayed unanswered until the day the lonely woman died
she should have forgiven everyone not let it kill her from inside.

The moral here is let the past stay in your past or else you go insane
the world is filled with suffering why cause yourself more pain.


2 thoughts on “Live and Die Alone

  1. says:

    Wow,that was pretty incredible.Starts out with what you wanted and then what you got and so misinterpreted and the end as it should have been a big bang surprise.With a very simple true story about life.Kinda sad though.

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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