Broken Body

Trinity of The Broken
Robert Campin
about 1435
Gold, silver and silk embroidery, pearls, glass
beads and velvet applique on linen, 112 x 64 cm
Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

Deep, aching, stabbing,wretched, pain
barely walking, limping, body strain.
Exhausted, fragile, paleness
unhealthy, aging,signs of stress.
Numbing, tingling,constant, hurt
no turning back now, cannot avert.
Pushing forward inch by inch
each step I take makes me flinch.
Pills,creams,meds and all
nothing helps I just sit and bawl.
Too young to have my body break
don’t know how much more that I can take.
Doctors help that’s what they do
but, doctors here think I’m a fool.
Treatment costs so very much
without insurance a cure is out of touch.
So I pick myself up and do what I must
til it’s ashes to ashes and dust to dust.


One thought on “Broken Body

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