Being Without A Car Is For The Birds

 I live in St Louis and have for about 7 years or so. I have done things while here, gone to the Festival of Nations, Boo at the Zoo, Science Center; you know things parents do for their kids. I wish I could get out and do more though. But, unfortunately my car decided last year to take a hiatus from being a car and decided it wanted to be a boulder. I don’t agree with it’s choice but, it’s a free country and even cars I guess have an American right to be whatever the hell they want to be. But, seriously, these are the reasons being carless is not working out for me.

I can’t go pay bills on time, not that I always paid on time before. But, I did pay them up to a week faster then hubby does. He’s a procrastinator and not only that but, he can’t tell time. I mean he can but, he is one of those refuses to be on time for anything. Can you say annoying! I am constantly, repeating myself, go pay this bill or that bill. Then I hear, “you never told me it was due.” Well, not only did I tell you every day the week it was due but, there’s this thing that bills come every single month and usually on the same freaking day. *Facepalm* I seriously, feel like I reached into the bottom of the gene pool and said,”I’ll take this one.”

I can’t go to the grocery store when groceries are needed. I am OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to never running out of things that I use daily. I can’t stand being low on something. Makes me feel like I am poor and something terrible will happen if I run out, like an apocalypse. LOL Oh no, there’s 1 roll of toilet paper, it’s the end of the world type shit. But, in my defense you never know when diarrhea will strike and that 1 roll might go faster then a deadbeat dad on delivery day.

 I can’t take my kids to do things. I love going to the Zoo, Science Center, Events. If it’s free the kids and I are definitely there. I did very few things growing up and I want to make sure my kids see and do things to give them life long memories. Trust me when I say it is the smallest things we as adults remember from our childhood. Plus, I home school them so it is vital for their studies that they experience life on a firsthand basis.  You would be surprised at the free events you can find for children and adults if you truly look for them.

Despite the fact, that I have so very kindly and generously ran many people around town in my car when it was working over the years, it seems that now they are all busy or live too far away. Oh and did I mention the fact that quite a few of these people I ran around didn’t pay gas money either. I am far too nice for my own good. As much as I would like to use this as a reason though, it isn’t like I have called up people and asked them to play chauffeur for me and the kids.  I have never been one to ask anyone for anything, except the man I married and that is a whole other blog let me tell you. So if I am not getting drove like Miss Daisy it truly is because I haven’t asked anyone to do it.

Now there is a bus line out here in St. Louis, but I am leery of riding it. I mean many people use it daily and most likely several times a day. I just never been much of a bus person, and I don’t like being late. In the time it takes you to get there via bus I could have been there enjoying it for god knows how long. I just don’t want the kids and I spending the majority of our day sitting on a bus watching for the street that we need to get off on.

I love to travel, just get up and go kind of shit. Doesn’t have to be far just somewhere outside of the normalcy of our typical lives. Not having a car is seriously cramping our style/swag. I have never gotten lost but, I do tend to detour. I am not one of those people who get all upset over going of course. I enjoy seeing new things and places and I know the kids do too. Seriously, have been neglecting the children’s and my friends. They all live not so near to us. Can’t get there by bus either. Our friends should not suffer because my car decided to take a year long vacation.

In closing, I say this, car get it together and fix yourself. We miss how you would carry us around and do our bidding. LOL  Anyway, if you are in the same boat as me, either your car died or you don’t have one, I empathize. It surely does suck to be stranded due to lack of car.


Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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