The Skinny on Technology

Obesity is on the rise
too many hamburgers too many fries.
Nothing funny about kids being fat
but, yet people start giggling when they think about that.
It’s apparently the parents fault for feeding their kids
having no time, turning a whole generation into Mckids.
But, isn’t it true the whole country is getting fatter
and the society we once knew is gone and much sadder.
We have people with autoimmune diseases it’s really a shame
and the truth is we just want someone to blame.
Video games and lack of exercise
have turned us all into anything but wise.
Violence is up and so is our weight
it’s time to educate before it’s too late.
Laziness on the rise that’s the internet’s fault
who wants to do something else when there’s keyboard assaults?
There’s so many things to blame other then one’s self
why take responsibility when it comes to your health?
A society we have created of lazy ass bums
who would rather make excuses and twiddle their thumbs.
It’s a sad day indeed when at the end of the day
the only thing we can rely on is mental decay.
We should go back to the times when a village it took
to raise up our kids, when we use to read books.
Now I ain’t saying all technology is bad
but, how come it’s raising our kids instead of the mom and dad?


Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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