Do I take Beano or hire a Heating/Cooling Person for my Gas Leak?

 You ever have one of those days….you know the ones where nothing seems to go right? Well I had that for a span of a few months. Starting with the day that the Gas company came out and shut off the gas to do repairs on the street where I live. What started out as a routine maintenance for them turned into a nightmare for me.
After they had finished fixing whatever the issue was outside they came in to make sure there was no problem in my house. Imagine my dismay when he said sorry ma’am we can’t turn your gas on, you have a leak. “What!!”, I exclaimed.  A leak, a gas leak, really, a gas leak. I seriously was in shock, gas leaks are dangerous. At the time I thought not a big issue it’s probably the water heater. The water heater had been leaking water and the pilot light wouldn’t stay lit. So new water heater, problem solved. HA! 
In the meantime, we were struggling with paying bills, so we let the gas payments lapse. What were they gonna do shut us off? We were already shut off. Can’t incur gas charges when you have no gas service. 2 months went by, and then came the notice. You will be shut off on bla bla bla. Ok, I will pay the back balance and all will be fine. Little did I know that the date on the notice was a lie and we had already been disconnected. Less then enthused by this I had to now figure out a way to not only get a new water heater but to also pay off the entire bill which was over $500. Good Lord, this will take some time. 
So in the meantime we are using cold water for everything and although cold showers suck it’s better then nothing. And it was warm outside so it didn’t feel so super cold. We finally get the gas bill paid off completely, manage to get a new water heater installed. I am like woooo, now they can reconnect my gas. LMAO…. I can laugh now, I was NOT laughing when they told me that the gas still isn’t holding pressure which means that I still have a leak.
Great, so now, I have someone come out to look for the leak. It can’t be that big of a deal right? WRONG!! They come out and discover that all the joints in the lines are leaking. Wow, it’s a miracle we all didn’t die from CO poisoning, or blew up. Now comes the regreasing of all the pipes, or whatever they call it. I have no idea what they needed to do, I just knew it was getting cold and I was freezing to death. Because anything under 70 to me is too cold. LOL

 My hubby calls someone to come and do the regreasing and the pressure test. So, that was more money spent that we really didn’t have. But, gas is definitely a necessity. It took them a few hours but, they said everything was good. Now all I needed to do was call the gas company out here for the 3rd time since they shut us off.  I prayed and prayed that we would have gas finally after all these months without it.
I anxiously waited on Saturday, yesterday as a matter of fact, for the gas company to send someone out here. He looks around does the pressure test and tells me it all looks good. Woooooo, I am telling you I was so happy I could have Diddy bopped through the streets. He finally gets the furnace and the water heater lit and goes on his merry little way.
What an ordeal I tell you, but now that I have gas I will never complain again. I really learned a lesson here, one pay your bills even if they aren’t on. Secondly, don’t complain about meaningless things when there are people out there living with far less then you.

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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