Facebook avatars sending a message to End Child Abuse

All across Facebook recently you may have noticed a huge increase in avatars of children’s cartoons, spanning all different decades. It is being said that this is being done to raises awareness about child abuse. I don’t know who started this but, as soon as it reached me I knew I had to do it.

Many subjects I have jumped on to be an advocate for. But, nothing is as important to me as child abuse, for I was a victim for most of my life up into adulthood. I know how hard it is for a child to focus at school through the emotional and physical pain. But, the thing that is the worst is that it never goes away. The bruises or broken bones do eventually heal but the scar it leaves on your soul is one that will stay with you the rest of your life.

You will see people join together as they have on Facebook to say it is wrong to hurt a child. The problem is after this attempt to raise awareness people will go back to their normal lives and not have a second thought about the children who only get out of the abuse by death or by growing up. Unfortunately, there are few people in positions to truly help who do help. I, myself had told every counselor I was forced to see from age 9, and nothing was ever done. There comes a time for every child where they stop telling because they don’t get help, infact in most cases, like mine, it gets worse.

So, while you are trying to be a good person with your avatar as a reminder that child abuse is a rampant problem, don’t forget the voiceless victims once you take it down. Children rely on adults to teach them, show them the right way and above all else to protect them. Maybe, it is somewhat impossible for you to fathom that children are being abused and maybe you don’t know any personally. But, I assure you that you do know a child suffering at the hands of the very person they should be able to trust. You just don’t recognize the signs or aren’t close enough to the child to realize that they are being abused either physically or mentally or both.

Now, I am not saying go out on a witch hunt to find out if every child you meet is a being abused. But, you do need to educate yourself so that you can spot the warning signs and have a plan of action on how to help the child without subjecting them to more or possibly deadly consequences. I will enclose some sites for you to check out and learn what you can do. I implore you do not just march up to a parent abusing a child or the child, themselves. Some parents do become much more violent when they find out someone knows.

support child abuse awareness and recovering survivors (s.c.a.a.a.r.s.)


2 thoughts on “Facebook avatars sending a message to End Child Abuse

  1. Finding One's Way says:

    I am In on the avatars. Thank you of the fyi…..

    It is so important to keep you eyes and ears open for the signs that appear in children who are getting abuse. The signs are easy to read. Stand up for a child because no child ever be hurt by another human being ever.
    I love you Jenni,
    Thank You

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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