Are digital cameras on the way out?

We are in an age of technology, you rarely see or even hear about somebody who doesn’t have a cell phone, a laptop, or even a camera. Well, that camera you have might end up being the last one you will ever buy.

Digital cameras seem to be going out of style as quickly as home phones these days. Most people own a cell phone, and more then not have a smartphone, android, or I-Phone, all of which have built in cameras.
Every time a new cell comes out it gets not only better made but, ends up with more features. The better the phone, the better the camera in it.

No longer do people have to worry about making sure you have your camera to share those special moments. Because as we all know, nobody is leaving home without a cell phone. Now every little detail of our lives is not only caught on camera but, can easily be shared by the plethora of social network apps we all have on our smartphones.

I think it won’t be long before the digital camera is obsolete, at least to anyone who is not a professional photographer. Infact, we may see less and less cameras available for sale, just like we did with records, 8 tracks, and eventually cassette and VHS tapes. Don’t worry though I am sure you can still find them in thrift stores like all these other things we discarded like the Sunday Times on Monday.

To get the most out of your cell phone camera here is a video with some tips on what to do and what not to do


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