"Breaking News" – Corey Drumz Dissolves Recording & Distribution Deal With Famous Records/Universal

I.K.E./Iron Kladd Entertainment recording artist, Corey Drumz has recently requested to have his deal with Famous Records/Universal dissolved due to their lack of promotion and commitment to his album “It’s Bigger than Me” which was released on Dec. 15, 2009.


Corey sent his request to the CEO of Famous Records, Jeffrey Collins, a heartfelt yet frustrated email, expressing his distaste for the situation. Read below:


Dear Jeffrey,


It has been a year since the release of the “It’s Bigger than Me” album and I have yet to receive any sales reports of any kind. Whether the album has sold significant numbers or not is irrelevant. I am entitled to quarterly sales reports which you have failed to release. I am requesting my sales reports from you now. I would also like to express my distaste of your and Famous’ lack of effort to assist me in anyway to push that album to achieve any level of success. I have not received any of the promotion promised in my contract with you, and please don’t try to use those email blasts (which I only received 2 of) as examples of the valiant effort you made because I’m not a fool and know better. You also refuse to give me any information as to which dj’s, record pools, media outlets such as radio, tv, etc. licensing if any, feedback data, or any pertinent marketing data needed for me to target an effective marketing campaign.


I mean no disrespect but your investment into my project was next to nothing Jeffrey. It even goes as far as me having to pay for any promotional items from you when in reality that promo could have easily be recouped if you put any effort into the project. Seems to me you have been more concerned about contacting me about email blasts from my site, which is one of my modes of promoting myself and my music including the album released under your company, filling your inbox than you are about contacting me with any up-to date information concerning my sales and the progress of my album.


Personally, I don’t see the benefit of signing a distribution deal with you when I could have achieved the same results or better by getting my music digitally distributed thru the same outlets on my own and got back 100% of the returns minus my own recoup, atleast that way I would receive the fair amount of return for me doing everything on my own. I must be honest, I am very disappointed with the situation and I feel like your trying to play me. I question your reason for signing me now since apparently you didn’t sign me because you had enough faith in my music and project to do anything with it.


Enjoy your weekend.



Mr. Collins replied instantly:


Hi Corey!
I am currently out of town but I must say I do understand your frustration. With my minimal promotion we have not yet received a “positive” royalty report to date. We figured with your enormous Fan base and your 20 Tweets a day you alone would have attracted “some sales” that would have encouraged us to spend more money on “promoting” your album. Unfortunately, generally speaking Sales are way down for everyone these days, so we are not in the position to be “throwing money away” if an album is showing no movement at all! Once I receive the “2010 year end statement” at the end of Janurary, I will forward a copy to you, so that you can see for yourself! Best wishes, always, Jeffrey


Corey then wrote:


my question to you is how do you expect to get ant movement on a project with no promotion and no form of support from the parent label. you speak on “throwing money away” as if i have money to throw away myself. i funded my project on my own and that investment was no small achievement for me. for example, a company like Nabisco doesn’t release a new product without any sort of promotion and marketing but you seem to think your the exception to the rule.


Corey also added:


in my opinion your letting one of your biggest assets, an artist that actually is willing to work hard for himself, has an incredible history and story in this industry, and has great music, go to waste. i refuse to go to waste and i’m sure if it were you in my position you would agree with me 100% that the parent label has done nothing causing you to become angered and disgruntled at the situation.


Corey and Mr. Collins then had a conference call via Skype to discuss Corey’s concerns. Mr. Collins informed Corey that he now runs his business differently than he did when Corey signed his contract one year ago. Corey reminded Mr. Collins that the new business does not affect him because Corey was already under contract with Mr. Collins before he had his current business.

Unfortunately, according to Corey, nothing was resolved, due to the conversation getting heated quickly. Corey then requested to be released from his contract and all rights to his music, which was released by Famous Records be returned to him with no connection to the label that dropped the ball.



After the failed attempt to come to a civil agreement, Corey received another email from Mr. Collins:


I apologize for the fact that you think “I am full of shit”. Wish you could truly understand what is going on in the industry right now. I just don’t have the funds available to invest into a project that is just not receiving any love right now. Good luck with all your endeavors! I will send you a release & a final Statement at the end of January!





Corey replied:


my intentions were not to become angry or disrespectful in our conversation but once you decided to disrespect me and completely ignore my valid frustrations i had no choice but to respond in such a manner that is not conducive to the situation. i have no ill will towards you but i feel neglected in your lack of faith and understanding me as an artist. i feel you don’t take me seriously and i know i deserve alot more than you are willing to provide. i do not profess to be gods gift to music but i am Larry Banks and Jaibi’s legacy and no-one will ever be allowed to dispute or deny what and who we are as an incredible family of talented individuals. happy holidays.




Corey, who recently released his mixtape #TheReTweet is happy with this decision and looks forward to opening new doors to bring his career to the level he deserves, with a label who will take his career seriously and do everything in their power to assist his efforts.



Corey had this statement to say:


“Being a free-agent is fine with me because I’ve been one all this time so there’s no big change as far as me doing what I do for my career. The train doesn’t stop running; it just lets some people off at different locations.” – Corey Drumz

Reported by: Jenni De La Torre



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