Live, Love, Laugh, and Forgive

I spent years of my life thinking I was all alone in this world. I mean obviously I am not, but just certain things in my life seemed as though I stood alone. It reminds me of that saying,” Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.” That is exactly what I have been doing my entire life, standing alone, hoping that somewhere someone understood what I was trying to say. I prayed that I wasn’t crazy, that I wasn’t so absurdly unique that I was the only one who fully grasped my own thoughts and beliefs.

Does everyone do that? Is that something that everyone struggles with? I try to see things from everyone’s perspective because that is who I am, a caring, devoted, and loyal person. I would say it is my mission in life to be such a person, but I do not know if that is what it is or if it is just my own personal belief. I think the word they use to describe people like me is hippie, because like them, I believe in peace and love for all.

I can honestly say without a second thought that I do love all, in my mind there is nothing else but love. But, with this universal love comes great pain. I feel the world weighing heavy on my shoulders, all of the pain and suffering, all of the anger and hostility, I can even feel the way that it should be if everyone was a little less selfish and actually cared more for others. I can feel the utter sadness in every soul across the globe, and believe me it is outrageously painful.

People think the only way to love is if you know love. This is simply not true, for a person who can show love while never truly receiving love, is a special person indeed. People are confused; they believe that love is something you give only if you receive it back. Most people don’t even consider loving until they are sure that someone else loves them. We live in a society of people who refuse to give anything without payment of some sort in return, love is no exception. Who really loves unconditionally anymore?

I experienced a moment where I too questioned the love I gave out yet didn’t receive back. I am afterall human and make mistakes. I have spent years of my life, over a decade upset, angry, sad, hurt, and depressed because all I wanted was to be loved in return. Just a small amount of what I spent a lifetime giving away. I was wrong!! Let me say that again, I WAS WRONG!! Looking back on my life my happiest most fulfilling days of my life were when I received nothing back for all I gave. It was a time of unconditional love from a child for her family, who were too blinded by their own broken dreams to see an innocent child being broken right before their very eyes.

I began to think, how could I be so happy every single day, when everyday was a struggle to survive? When every day was a miracle to be alive and to still have a small portion of sanity left intact. The answer was staring me in the face, LOVE. Love is the reason I survived, not love from someone but, my love for them. Because the sad truth is love shouldn’t hurt, love should heal, love should erase all misfortunes in life, because, as a child, I had unconditional love, not aimed towards me but, for everyone in my life. Children don’t know anything but how to love without conditions or something in return. Children don’t know that what the adults are doing is wrong; children are not jaded towards life. Children, just love because love is all they know.

This is why I am so adamant to make sure my children stay children as long as they can. Being a grown-up is hard work, it is hard enough to wake up every day and do what we have to do for us let alone be responsible for another human life. This is where parents make mistakes, they get so caught up trying to fix their childhood which is now gone, that they forget they are responsible for the well being of another person. Adults don’t even consider the damage they are doing not only to themselves but, also to their child by reliving their past over and over, thinking that by some miracle of God it will change overnight.

Wake up, there is no changing the past, there is only changing the future, and by reliving the past all you are doing is securing that your past is indeed the fate of your own child. Now correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t your intentions for your child to have it better then you did? Didn’t you at least once say, “I would never do what my parents did to my own child!” Well, what happened? Did you think that by dwelling on your bad experience you were going to somehow make your life better and they stay unharmed?

The best medicine is forgiveness. People get this wrong as well, because forgiveness isn’t for those who wronged you, it is for your sanity, your well-being, your peace of mind. If you think about a time when someone was mad at you for something, did it really bother you they were mad or was it more of a “you just need to move on and get over it” type of thing? I am sure that most of the time it was a move on and let it go type thing. Anger does not hurt the one it is aimed it; it hurts the one holding on to it. Therefore, you must forgive them for you to be alright, emotionally, mentally and physically, because as everyone knows, eventually it will begin to affect your physical health.

So, I leave you with this final thought; go into this New Year with a new outlook on life, not just your life but, the lives of everyone you come in contact with. Live, love, laugh, and most of all forgive and move on to be the person that I always knew you could be.


One thought on “Live, Love, Laugh, and Forgive

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Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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