NYC sanitation workers destroy SUV

Ok so this isn’t the original video but, unfortunately the original is embedding disabled. If you would like to see the original video please click here.

I have plenty of opinions on this. First off, I don’t know how a front loader manages to get stuck in the first place, or for what reason he couldn’t get unstuck by himself. I also noticed that the front loader’s tires couldn’t get any traction at all. This I also cannot understand, seeing as any kind of heavy machinery has the best tires available and should have snow tires on it. Obviously, this one didn’t and from the way the tow truck was sliding he didn’t have snow tires either.

I hope they were smart enough to call the police over this accident and get it squared away. The city and towing company, if not city owned is going to have to pay for repairs on both vehicles for sure. As soon as the front loader noticed he was about to hit the SUV they should have stopped. There had to be away to get it out without tearing up the SUV and hitting the car parked in front of it. Maybe, an experienced front loader operator and perhaps an experienced tow truck operator would have been the best in this situation. Then again if the front loader operator were experienced he wouldn’t have gotten stuck to begin with.

Now for the guy yelling out the window and taping the video, he is completely over reacting. I understand the lady yelling afterall, it was her vehicle. Accidents happen and that’s why people have insurance. There was nobody in the vehicles, nobody on the street, this could have been alot worse than what they are making it out to be. Yes, it is definitely unfortunate to have to watch your vehicle get smashed up and I too would have been yelling. Infact, for a moment it looked like they were about to hit and run, which would have made this even more upsetting.

I don’t think they should get fired, but they should have to take classes on how to drive heavy machinery and proper technique on how to get unstuck in alot of snow. These classes should be a requirement and neither man should be allowed to work until they have completed them. Infact they may want to have all their employees take classes and for God’s sake put snow tires on the damn front loaders and tow trucks. SMH

Final thought: People should learn how to drive in snow to get a driver’s license. It can be tricky to drive in snow and rain at times but, the thing is a vehicle can kill when not driven properly. So, people take your time, hurrying around can cost you, your loved ones and innocent people their lives. Please slow down and take every precaution you possibly can while driving.


Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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