The Know-it-all Syndrome

I was lying in my bed reading tweets before I fell asleep the other night and I noticed something. A lot of the people are afflicted with K.S. Know-it-all Syndrome. By all means if you know something feel free to share your experiences. But please don’t sit and preach and preach and preach and then have a slip up and allow me to see you talking out the side of your neck or worse out your ass.

We all have experiences in life to share, some good and some bad, but when you are talking like you know the answers to every question ever asked, well Mr. and Mrs. Know-it-all we know you are bluffing. The point I am trying to make is people will either call you out on it or they will ignore and dismiss you. Than one day you will have the answer and just like the boy who cried wolf nobody will pay attention to you.

There are some people who share their knowledge when asked and there are some who just go on and on and on all day like people actually are going to change their lives to be like them. People don’t change unless they want to and most people don’t even see they are wrong, they just assume you are talking about others and not them.

I think in a way it stems from people thinking they are above others. Some people just get tis idea that they are so much more important than others and that the world should bow down and worship them. Really??? Bow down to a human? I am a human so why would I bow down to any other human? Respect is something earned not given, that goes for the Royal families too, last I heard we were all God’s children and isn’t he the King of King’s? Therefore that puts us all on equal grounds.

As for the Know-it-all’s, try and tone it down some, teach don’t preach. Nobody learns from someone who is arrogant. Use your people skills and talk to people like they are your sister or brother not your lesser but, your equal. The road to making the world a nicer place for all begins with you. Pass it on, it is contagious and much nicer than spreading hate, I assure you.


Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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