Before you plaster your face consider the after effects

First and foremost, makeup is something that should be used in moderation.. It can make an average woman look gorgeous, if applied correctly. Alot of people though do not know how to apply it. They also do not  take it off correctly. Is it the application, the removal, or just applying too much for too long that causes such rapid aging of females today? 

I remember when I was 13 and was allowed to start wearing it; I got teased at school for applying eyeshadow up to my eyebrows, which is something that makeup artists do now.Was I before my time? No. My mom modeled and knew how to apply makeup something people in the small town I lived in didn’t know how to do. Fortunately for me, I learned from her and held little concern for people whose life was consumed by the idiocy of poking fun of those who were different from them.

After Katy Perry got exposed on twitter by her hubby, I got to thinking about how many women, men fall over because of their extremely made up faces and airbrushed pics. Not only that but, we have young girls mimicking what they see, causing them to be seen as older by men and their faces age faster than without it. Little girls are already caking it on for pageants and as models.

 As I said before it can make you look better, but what happens when you take it off? In the beginning stages of usage not too much. Eventually though, you might find yourself looking like these celebs. Makeup, just like everything we put on or consume affects our bodies in the long-term. Don’t get me wrong, I too like to look good in makeup but, I do not wear it daily. Infact, I don’t wear it most days of the month. Maybe after checking out these pics you will go easy on all the stuff you plaster your face with for just a few hours of gorgeousness. 

Eva Longoria

Kim K

Mariah Carey

Jada Pinkett

Lauren London

Kelly Rowland

Kimora Lee

Keyshia Cole

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Hudson


J Lo


Halle Berry

Diana Ross


Katy Perry




2 thoughts on “Before you plaster your face consider the after effects

  1. melissa says:

    This is very interesting. The mode here is “light, unnoticeable” make up. Sometimes, it could be funny to put on the make up and make it appear as if we have nothing on…hmmm…but I do agree that it is used to enhance one’s beauty not to cover it…. I put on lipstick because I look anemic without it and the doctors I work with always ask if I were sick. But I’ll stick on simplicity and natural beauty 😉

    • InJensMind says:

      Occasionally putting on make-up is fine in my opinion it’s these women who wear it constantly and use the professional make-up which apparently has a lot more chemicals or something in it that seems to be an issue. I go natural as much as possible because I don’t want to look older than my actual age. lol

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