Jessica Rae

Another tear drops from my sad and misty eye
as I look up at the star speckled sky.
For I know that you have passed,
not our family’s first not our family’s last.
Definitely one of the hardest there has been in years
no more laughter fills the air now only tears.
We have loved you Jess since the very moment of your birth
and we will continue to love whether you are in heaven or a part of the Earth.

Poetic Hiatus

I am sorry to all those patiently awaiting my poetry. I am going through a very hard time after losing my sister this past week and even though painful poetry is my specialty, I need some time to regroup and just chill before I overdo it and hurt myself as well as others in a whole psychological Armageddon way.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. You can always check out my other blog which is no poetry but just things I feel like talking about. Also feel free to check out the post about my sister at and feel free to leave comments. Support is always a good thing.