Unlocked Happiness

Pitter patter pitter patter
what is making all that clatter?

The echoes of my little ones
giggling soft my daughter’s and son’s.

Sneaking up on their tippy toes
trying to scare me I suppose.

They reach out and caress my head
I then fall down upon my bed.

The kids laughter fills the whole room
’til I roll off of the bed….BOOM.

While I am lying on the floor
they shake me hard until I snore.

“Mommy’s sleeping.” one tells the rest
while placing his head on my chest.

I let out a quack and a moo
oink, baa, and cock a doodle doo.

The kids all line up and march off
you won’t hear a sneeze or a cough.

No sound escapes without a doubt
’til all the hugs are given out.

We all embrace before we dine
because that’s how you let love shine.

And this we do most every night
so that we laugh and rarely fight.

Unlock happiness with these keys
little things make big memories.