OMG I am now the mother of 2 teenagers

 I am officially the mother of not one but, two teenage children. My baby, although I am sure he doesn’t want to be called that, haha, is now the big 1-3. Yep 13 years old now. Oh man, I don’t know if I feel old enough to have two teen kids. Ok, well my bones say yes but, the rest of me says NO WAY!

What I don’t get is, where the hell did the time go? One day I am holding them as babies, feeding them with bottles and rocking them to sleep and now….they are eating me out of house and home and basically putting me to bed. I just do not have the energy to stay up like they do. There must be a minute usage on how many you can use up not sleeping in your lifetime. I think I used mine up, either that or I need a new minute plan. So, I guess that means my life minutes must be courtesy of Sprint. LOL Let me call someone and get a new plan.

I have no idea what we are going to do for him, I would ask but, times are hard right now and I am sure whatever he wants to do is going to be over-budget. Sad but, tis life. They are good kids, mostly because I am a very hands-on parent, I teach them not only what parents should but, also Homeschool them. Well, technically I Unschool them but, since most of the world has no idea what that means and I don’t feel like constantly explaining we will say Homeschool. I take great pride in the fact that I have raised my kids every moment of their lives since their birth, alot of parents don’t or can’t. I have to give alot of credit to my husband though, because he is the bread winner and he works his butt off daily for whatever he can get so that we can live. He too wanted me to stay at home and raise our kids. I guess alot of men wouldn’t even come up with that let alone allow it. For that I am very grateful.

So, yea, my kids are understanding. They realize life is not all handouts and fairytales, this too is a blessing in disguise because a few years ago they had no idea what that meant. Both my husband and I gave them everything. Every time we were out they got a toy or something, they were beyond spoiled. It took my son (the baby) the longest to comprehend this, he just recently came to grips with it though. If I had the choice I would give them the world on a platinum platter, because I am their mom and I should give them all I never had. Funny thing is I already give them all I never had even if I cannot give them material things I give them the love that I never truly felt as a child. I can see on their faces that they appreciate and are thankful for that.

As far as his birthday goes, well, we will figure out something nice and fun for him. When I speak to them about memories it is always the little things that I tend to slip my old mind, that they remember the most. Like anything from a movie we watched together at home to a day at the Zoo or even taking the long way home and almost running out of gas. LOL Because mommy NEVER gets lost, just side tracked by the beauty of the open road!!! I will let ya’ll know what we end up doing and how much he enjoyed it. Just keep in mind that the littlest things we take forgranted  are the things they always remember, like a home made card on Mother’s Day, a heartfelt day of having fun together not only lasts forever but, will be passed down and become a tradition later on.