Is it possible to just be yourself and be proud of that

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and before you know it, everyone in this great country of ours will be dressed in green, drinking green beer and saying, “Today we are all Irish.” Hmmph, I am part Irish on my maternal side, hell, I am a lot of things to tell you the truth and I am sure as time goes by in my ancestry quest I will find more.

Most people are aware of their ancestry because their family goes on and on about it. I come from many a broken home and the last thing any of the people in my family wanted to talk about was their ex or their abusive alcoholic parents. I am perplexed by this, because both; my kids and I are the ones missing out. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to find those branches of my family tree that my relatives have attempted to saw off. In my opinion, it is extremely important to know where you came from and to celebrate all that you are. However, I have a problem with claiming a nationality for a day just to get drunk and I am beyond fed-up of the racists who are the first in line to do this every chance they get.

Now back to the stupidity of the masses on holidays. You see, I believe that as Americans we are a lazy, egotistical, and bullying country. We take great pride in getting what we can by not doing actual work. We prefer to steal, claim, or fight to get what we think the rest of the world owes us. I was born in this country, as were many a generation before me, including the 3 tribes of Native American Indians I have in my blood. My bloodline runs thick in this country, 4-6 generations in my family have been born in the United States of America. We have endured the good and the bad in this land and depending on which branch of my family tree you talk to, some endured way more bad than good.

It’s a sad thing to hear stories about a people who came to a country to make a better life for their families and find out that they aren’t welcome; especially when they have spent their entire life savings and risked health and life just to get here. That is what happened to the Irish. But, what do you expect from a people who steal then kill off the rightful owners of an entire country, technically an entire continent because the “Americas” were occupied with many people and somebody from Europe rode in and stole it from them. Hence the need for Independence, to take back a country that was rightfully yours. Too bad the Naive Americans throughout the entire continent didn’t get that opportunity. But, that kiddies is a story for another time, we are discussing the need to be something you are not during celebrations but, not during the times when we were treated poorly.

I would prefer a world where we all were at peace; where we all celebrated together in harmony and rejoiced in the fact that we are all alive. Unfortunately, this is not what we do. Instead, we claim and celebrate other nationalities good times because it involves good food, music and drinks not because they escaped the tyranny of some other countries clutches. I know St. Patrick ’s Day isn’t about Independence; I used that as an example primarily because it is nearing that holiday and because of the hypocrisy of this nation’s citizens. Nobody wanted to be Irish when there were signs posted in storefronts “No Irish need apply,” but, all of a sudden come St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wants to be Irish.

The same thing applies to Mexicans. Every single day there is something going on about Mexicans in the United States and some racists screaming “Get them out of MY country.” Then all of a sudden Cinco de Mayo comes along and BAM just like clockwork everyone wants to be Mexican. Hellooooo, aren’t you the same people who said you don’t want them in your country? Aren’t you the same people who don’t want Spanish spoken or taught in this country because we speak English here? Wasn’t that you???? I am positive that was you!!! Why is it every time some racist backwoods ignorant person opens their mouth and utters the most ridiculous things their ears simultaneously close? You see let me refresh your memories or teach you something that you would possibly have learned if you had stayed in school past the 5th grade. This country we call home was already inhabited, we didn’t like that and they didn’t like us sailing in and taking what was theirs. So we being the wonderful, kind, humanitarians we are ,we made them move and if they didn’t move quietly and quickly, we raped and killed as many as we could; men, women and children. Wasn’t that mighty Nazi-ish of us?

Now, we have the audacity to forget that we have a beautiful statue in the Atlantic Ocean. The Statue of what? Liberty, my friends, L-I-B-E-R-T-Y, Liberty!!!! For those of you who have forgotten your dictionary in your other pants, let me define that word for you. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Liberty : the quality or state of being free: (a : the power to do as one pleases (b : freedom from physical restraint (c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic control (d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges (e : the power of choice

Beautiful thing this liberty, isn’t it? Sounds like the kind of thing that any human would want to have, doesn’t it? Yea, so we the United States of America, had fought this war with the tyrants who held us under their control, I believe we called them England, and we won. From that moment on we decided that anyone who wanted to live in a diverse country with liberty and justice for all, could sail to our country and The Statue of Liberty would welcome all into their new home. Now that was a very noble and loving thing to do, so can someone tell me in what year The Statue of Liberty was torn down and a Bust of Hitler was built in her place? Anyone?? I can’t seem to find that little bit of information.

So, before anyone claims to be Irish or Mexican on a holiday again, please I beg of you to burn that KKK sheet and confederate flag first. Stop being racist the other 363 days of the year.If you truly believe in what this nation was built for and what we are suppose to be promoting to the rest of the world, than you will stop acting like uneducated morons and welcome people’s rights to enjoy this country just as we have. Because it’s a little late to be picking and choosing who is here “illegally!”


Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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