Our Family’s Gift

It was a few hours after I heard
about the horrendous thing that occurred.
My sister was sick they told her cancer
we waited a week for the real answer.
But on that day instead it was said
her heart had gave out and now she was dead.
On that night my house was cold as the snow
she must of knew I couldn’t let her go.
Her presence filled the room and gave me chills
I couldn’t sleep at all even with pills.
Afraid that she’d come to me in my dream
filling me with pain and making me scream.
I became colder, didn’t sleep that night
she may have been dead but, not out of sight.
My daughter could feel her just like I could
her body had failed but, her soul withstood.
My daughter asked, “Are you here now Aunt Jess?”
her body started moving motioning yes.
My daughter came to me, wondering what to do
I held her tight knowing she was sad too.
For a couple nights she slept in my bed
trying to keep spirits out of her head.
See it’s a gift passed down through our family
communicating with ghosts that other’s can’t see.
It gets quite exhausting, the constant drain
people don’t get it, they think we’re insane.
But, it doesn’t matter, we still live on
and keep sharing our house with souls from beyond.


4 thoughts on “Our Family’s Gift

  1. Rimly says:

    Do you really have the gift Jenni? I am sure it is not a gift easy to live with. I loved reading your poem. Following you. Have always been interested in gifts like this and spirits.

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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