Rapist Finally Gets Sentenced to Prison

As much as I hate to continue on a subject that I have blogged about previously I have no choice but, to state my opinion on something I just read. As you know I already blogged about Convicts using Facebook. Now it seems that Twitter is in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and when I read this I became even more angry than I did with the Facebook one.

I sat down this morning to read my newspaper, I am behind, this was actually Saturday’s paper, the first thing that caught my eye was; Tweets land sex offender in prison. Now with a title like that you think…. a sex offender did his time and is now out and tweeting obscenities to children, right?

Yea, ummm NO. He didn’t do any time for committing statutory rape of a 16 year old girl. Instead, the judge gives him probation and makes him sign a list of conditions, one being to stay off of social network sites (Twitter and Facebook) where he could communicate with minors.

His name, Reginald Hicks Jr, an assistant coach at a high school in St. Charles County in Missouri. He had pleaded guilty on December 3 of last year but, what he admitted to took place in November of 2009. He was charged with 9 counts of statutory sodomy and 2 counts of statutory rape.

He got caught on Twitter on Dec.4 where he had sent tweets bashing the judge in his case. “White guy before me got the ‘You’ve got a bright future ahead of you’ speech. I got the ‘you aint (expletive)’ speech. #BlatantRacism.”

Wow, how absurd. He gets a slap on the wrist for rape. RAPE!!! Doesn’t matter how you put it rape is rape. If a person is under 18 they don’t own their bodies, so even if she gave permission, which I don’t know the exact details of what happened, she is still a minor and he isn’t. They found it illegal because they arrested him and tried him and he was found GUILTY, that is enough for me.

So here are a few of the reasons I got so mad. 1- he got a slap on the wrist for rape, that is beyond ridiculous to me. I just can’t even express how much this bothers me; how a child’s innocence is stripped and our response is “sorry for your anguish and the lifetime of pain you will endure in all of your relationships, but yea we are only going to give him probation.”  It’s sick just plain sick that a judge thought probation was justice in the first place. 2- This man had the audacity to be angry and even bring race into the situation when he raped a girl. WHAT!!!!! That right there tells you how much he doesn’t comprehend that what he did was wrong.  3- The dates on this bother me. The girl was raped in ’09, a yr later he plead guilty and here it is March and now it’s in the news. No wonder people have no faith in the justice system, it takes too long and then things like this happen.

I hope the girl is getting lots and lots of counselling. This is something that will affect her for the rest of her life in all of her relationships. I also hope that somebody tells her it’s not her fault and that just because the judge let the man off so easy it doesn’t mean she is to blame.

People wonder why women get all “crazy.”  It has a lot to do with things like this, teen girls who were violated in some way and then made to feel like they did something wrong. It is a vicious cycle and it needs to stop. We need to teach our daughters to take pride in themselves, be smart and never ever EVER allow a man to abuse us in any way, shape or form. Nothing can bring back the innocence lost and once a girl loses her self-respect it will take her a lifetime to regain it and some NEVER get it back.