A Modern Day Fairytale

If you are keeping up with my poetry blog you may have noticed I am out of sorts.Those of you who pay close attention know what I speak of, the negativity has taken a vacation.  Let’s just say, it appears as if I am under a spell….of love.

I LOVE “old” style love; Fairytales with Princes and Princesses, dragons, and Knights. Medieval or Middle Ages type stories with magical wizards, witches, and happily ever after’s….awwww I cannot get enough!!!

My mother use to tell me not to read Fairytales to my daughter because those tales are just that; a Fairytale, not something that is based in reality. Still, I would not only read them to her, we would sit down and watch movie after movie completely mesmerized, singing along with “Someday my Prince will come.”

You see; I am a romantic, and it doesn’t get any more lovey dovey than those type of stories. Infact, I think I have seen every single Cinderella story out there, and there is alot of them.  I have to say my absolute favorite is ‘Ever After’ with Drew Barrymore.

I don’t look at it as an unattainable thing but, more like how people should be with the one they love. We women, want a man to sweep us off our feet but, we also want to be equal or even above him. We aren’t allowing men to play Knight in shining Armour anymore. Back then, women put in that love and their men returned it; it was simple and happy and above all it was a magical romantic time.

Maybe, it is just because I haven’t really felt that type of woooing love, so I am obsessed with it. All I know is, while I feel a certain romanticism taking over me I will use it to my advantage. After all, it can’t hurt me right? The positivity I feel is so overwhelming, like I was slapped in the head with some Pixie dust or was it a Happy Meal…. I don’t know but, I LOVE it and I will be right here waiting for my Prince to swoop in and carry me off to my happily ever after!!!


5 thoughts on “A Modern Day Fairytale

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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