Now Serving, Margarita’s for Babies

I would much rather write my own news stories than to write one based off of someone else’s. But, many times while I am reading a post; I become highly agitated by the lack of common sense in the article and by the comments of the readers. As much as I really want to crack a joke, I just CAN’T find anything funny about this at all!!!

I read last night about a 15 month old baby at Applebee’s with his parents in Deroit, Michigan; entitled ‘Applebee’s got a Baby Drunk.’ The title alone was enough to make even the calmest person upset. Apparently, the parents ordered apple juice for the child and they allowed him to drink it from the glass it was served in. The child, Dominic, began acting suspiciously; saying hi and bye to the walls and finally rested his head on the table to sleep. The parents had supposedly assumed the child was tired; come to find out their son had not been drinking juice but, actually a Margarita.

Ok before I go into what the famous food chain said about this matter, I need to address the part in this that has me baffled, if not downright livid. I have kids; we have eaten at many places since they were born, they are teens now so that shows you it’s been a long, long time.

When my kids were over the age of 1; they drank from sippy cups until, I don’t know, 2 maybe 3 years old. Not because they couldn’t handle a regular cup but, I couldn’t stand there and help them with the cup every waking moment to save my floor and their clothes from stains and them from getting soaked. So why on Earth was this child drinking straight from a glass? And don’t Margaritas come in their own specially designed glass at that? He couldn’t possibly be a professional drinker at his age; some of it had to have spilled on him and the table. What the Hell were his parents doing to not clean up the mess off the table or the child? Even now I teach my kids to clean up a spill immediately; to keep them from being wet and to not put extra strain on the waitress, who doesn’t get paid enough to clean up after a messy child, by the way. How do you sit that close to anyone let alone a toddler and not smell the potent stench of Tequila in a Margarita?

Seriously, these parents should’ve paid closer attention. The consistency alone of apple juice is way different than that of a Margarita. Let’s say the Margarita didn’t have the usual crushed ice blended thickness to it and it just had ice cubes. Some places do this; I don’t know why, because everyone knows a Margarita is thick like a slushie. So, if it did even slightly appear like apple juice, what kind of parent hands over a drink with ice cubes in it to a 15 month old? A negligent parent is who!!! That is choking hazard #1!

Ok, so you have parents who are clearly not paying attention to what their child is drinking. Kids when they taste something nasty they spit it out….did this toddler not spit out the drink at least once? Now say the drink was in a cup with a lid and a straw and the parents didn’t realize it wasn’t apple juice just by looking at it. Why would Applebee’s put a Margarita in a plastic cup with a lid and straw? Last I knew when I ate there; the bar is separate from the rest of the drinks and kitchen. This truly is one of the most messed up case of negligence on humanity that I have seen in a minute.

Now on to the restaurant’s part, “the manager offered his sincerest apologies. The family then rushed Dominic to the hospital, where he was found to have a blood alcohol content level of .10.” WTF!!!!!!!!!!! The baby was legally drunk. That is the level where an adult cannot be driving yet a 15 month old consumed that much alcohol. GTFOH…….. That amount of alcohol is the equivalence of 2-4 12 oz. Margaritas for a grown adult. I know the child is a child with a lot less body mass but, COME ON, that child had to have drunk more than a sip or 2. As a parent I am so beyond outraged; at not only the restaurant’s negligence but, the stupidity of these parents. Plus, the restaurant offered just an apology…. really, can you say lawsuit!! I can only hope if the parents do take Applebee’s to court, the judge sees fit to punish the parents also. I mean, you can’t place the entire thing on just the restaurant, any other parent would have been aware to what their child was drinking. Any other parent would have realized something was wrong before the child had a blood alcohol of .10. I am sure they disputed their bill too before rushing Dominic to the Hospital. If it had happened to one of my kids; NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED but, just say if it did, the cops could have spoken to me at the Hospital about my running off and not paying my bill.

It’s time to revoke their liquor license, in my opinion. This should have never happened what-so-ever!!! And now as I try to calm myself down some, I must touch on the ignorance of the comments on the original post on A lot of the comments I read said…”I had my first beer as a child” and “Parents use to use Brandy and Whiskey on gums for teething babies.” This is true; I was one of the babies soothed with this method because I was a 70’s baby, back before anyone knew that alcohol and cigarettes were detrimental for an adults health let alone for infants.

But, the part these people seem to be missing is this…. a finger dipped in Whiskey and rubbed on an infants gums is nothing compared to a full glass of a Margarita. There is a substantial amount of Tequila in one; you can have anywhere from a shot glass (2 oz) to a 1/4 or even a 1/2 of a glass depending on who is making the Margarita. I, myself, an avid Tequila drinker, pours a lot of Tequila in mine; and in my experience most restaurants don’t take the time to measure.

It’s a sad world we live in and every day I see more and more dim-witted acts that could have been avoided with just a tiny bit of common sense. Perhaps my common sense is superior to most people’s common sense. I am just so bewildered at how this could so easily happen and how so many members of society are so nonchalant about it. I will be on the lookout for more about this story, I have to know if true justice will be served.


One thought on “Now Serving, Margarita’s for Babies

  1. Finding One's Way says:

    Revoke their liquor license are you kidding me? that and much more should be done. Fire the bitch who served the child the drink and the manager who hired the bitch that served the drink. SMFH.. Next these parents are in the twilight zone. I swear I think most people before they even think about bringing a child in this world need to go through a screening on parenting. (not done by or government may I add).
    I tend to really hate people thank God they had the sense to take the child to the ER. It looks like this is a ploy to sue the restaurant and a make pay dirt.
    This has make me fucken sick.
    Loving you Jenni
    Thank you for this post

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