T.V. Mysteries Are No Mystery To Me

You know what I would like to see on tv shows today…..mystery; good ole I can’t figure it out mystery. Is that too much to ask for?

Normally I don’t pay much attention to tv shows I am usually to busy doing 5 of 40 other things I need to get done. I say multi-tasking you say A.D.D……poe tay toe po ta toe!!!

But, today while I have been in excruciating make your ancestors cry pain; I have had nothing to do but, watch tv. I have spent more time on my back with legs in the air today than a chick at the Chicken Ranch/ Bunny Ranch combined. Unfortunately for me the moans I let out were not from pleasure.

While lying here watching Ghost Whisperer reruns and Criminal Minds reruns 1 thing kept popping up…..no it had nothing to do with my position on the couch perverts….The shows are far too easy for me to figure out. Intuition? Psychopathic tendencies? Just plain odd? Overly in touch with my inner serial killer?

I don’t know but, for the sake of my sanity…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tv writers could you throw me a twist that my brain can’t figure out in the first 5 minutes. THANKS Oh and let’s hope God doesn’t count minutes by time spent on back or I will have some spalining to do. *Desi Arnaz voice*


10 thoughts on “T.V. Mysteries Are No Mystery To Me

  1. Jenni says:

    @Jim yes I remember Hitchcock hour….well that is to say I remember it's on my local tv channel 13 every week night from 11 pm til 12:30 am followed by Night Gallery. I am too young to remember it other than as a rerun but, I like to watch it with my daughter.

  2. Jenni says:

    @Jim No I don't think I have seen that one. I have seen some grotesque stuff though. LOL There was this spanish soap opera called Mujeres Asesinas. Women Assassins. They are true stories and in one of them the woman chops up this man who is forcing her to have sex with him because he owns the building they run their restaurant. She chops him up and puts him in tamales. I guess if I want twists of mystery I have to stick to real stories not made up ones. LOL

  3. Lucylastica2 says:

    Not a TV show but I remember going to see the film Sixth Sense at the cinema and in the first 5 minutes telling the friend I was there with that Bruce Willis' character was dead! She was not a happy bunny than I ruined the intrigue so these days I keep my mouth shut! lol

  4. Rimly says:

    I would watch Ghost Whisperer quite religiously but then after a point gave up. I too wish writers would come up with real good horror and crime stories. Liked what I read Stuart

  5. Jenni says:

    This comment is from Charlie Nitric who is having issues posting a comment.

    Hi Jenny –

    Criminal Minds is one of the few shows I watch on TV. My boys like that show and when we're hanging out and dad is cooking dinner, it a good show. But you're also right. After 2-3 views, it's not difficult to figure out Derek will bust a door down. You can also count on one of the team members to say, “I get that” at least once in every episode. Hehehe….TV writing is not very creative at all. I've wanted to write a comedy about a gym but I need a script to see how pilot shows are written. I can learn that one fast if I had one. Oh no..guess what? Your blog isn't going to allow me to comment. I see it nowwwwwww! I'll try again for the 100th time this past week but it has the dropdown pick your profile deal. That means it will take me next to the Google signin. There it will ask me to sign up for a Blogger blog before my comment will go through. I will try though. 🙂

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