Tornado Alley Gets Hit Again

It has been a wild ride in Saint Louis, Missouri this year. We started out New Year’s Eve with a massive tornado. Then on and off all year we have had thunderstorms, tornados, hail and crazy weather. I know this is tornado alley but, come on now.

Every time the tornado’s come through they take out more and more of the buildings and houses. Tonight it got Lambert Airport; you have no idea how glad I am that my family was not there for that. I feel bad for all the families that were though. I don’t think anyone got terribly hurt.

Both photos
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Right now there is substantial damage to the Airport. Flights have been diverted to Kansas City and Springfield, IL. There is a small bus dangling half off the top of the parking garage. A woman sitting in front of the airport with her small child in a van was literally lifted up about 2 inches off the ground and dropped, shattering all the glass in the vehicle. How freaking scary is that?!?!?

Busch Stadium
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People were rushed out of Busch Stadium during the Cardinals baseball game this evening when sirens went off. And trust me sirens went off every 5 to 10 mins for an hour or so. I was freaking out like usual. Tornado’s are nothing to play with. Interstate 270 was also closed down and may be down for awhile as hey clear up trees, debris and down power lines. I don’t live too far from 270 and I can hear the police and ambulance sirens going off from that direction. Luckily we were not hit here but, I heard people were screaming in the streets. I really feel bad for the people who witnessed it first hand and hope they realize when there is a warning stay indoors.

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It is going to take time to clean up and repair the Airport and the surrounding homes. Just a couple of days ago we had a tornado touchdown and tear up homes too. I really feel for these people, I know it’s not as bad as what happened in Japan but, it is bad. It seems like right when we all get back on track another storm blows in and tears it up again.

I hope everyone stays safe and doesn’t have too much damage to their property. I don’t want to sound like a paranoid freak but, if you haven’t noticed, the world is screaming out for help. Tomorrow is Earth Day, I say take some time and see what you can do to fix some of the things we have done to our planet. Start little and make an attempt to go green. It may be a wee bit late to be babying out planet that we have neglected and abused but, better late than never.

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This tornado ripped up a bunch of trees and split others in half. Lowe’s is giving away free trees tomorrow (April 23rd) so go out and get one and plant it in honor of all the fallen. Nothing can be changed overnight but, if we all join hands and make a real attempt maybe just maybe Mother Earth will stop PMSing and blowing shit up. And please I beg of all of you to be safe and heed all emergency response systems they will save your life.

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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