Monday’s Mental Manuscript

When I started my poetry blog I had actually begun on another site other than blogspot. But, when I tried to get adsense on it, problems arose and I was forced to redo everything and move to blogspot. Now here I sit with adsense shut off because they make it appear like you will make money. HA I could have found that amount of money in my couch!!! Awwww the things you learn along the way. Now it’s been a year with both of my blogs; poetry and rambling and I have seen others blogs and all I can say is…..I WANT ONE. *waaaaa*

I wanted my blogs to be a huge experience not only for me but, for my readers as well. I didn’t think I would get this many readers, I was actually surprised that a year later I would still be here writing blogs instead of being a famous poet. Yea, I jest at that last comment, I am well aware of the nothing great happens over night quote. I knew I would get a following but, it would take more time than it has.

Convenience; is what I was hoping for. Background design is super important, because if it looks dull to me it will to others as well. Don’t underestimate a background that makes your work look well put together, is what I am saying. I like to take my time and make it all look beautiful. Maybe I am a little OCD about it but, regular small font on a plain background screams…..BORING!! If a writer doesn’t take the time to make their blog as unique as they are how am I suppose to be interested in what they write. I know I know, writing speaks for itself but, maybe the real reason we fell asleep during class wasn’t for the words but, the background on which they were written. Yes, I am reaching a bit. LOL

I am giving out way too many insider secrets here though. LOL Seriously, while writing or designing my blog I am thinking like a business woman AND a client. I think the best businesses do just that and although this business makes me no money to really be considered a business, I still treat it as one. I want beauty and brains in my blog; you know, like what I am. LOL My blog is a reflection of who I am, hence the pen name InJensMind. I want you the reader to have an all access pass into my thoughts; into ME.

I have been saying I will eventually combine both blogs into one for convenience. I also will at some point have my own domain for the blogs. But, at this moment I have to stick with that other huge vocabulary word; Frugality. I am not in a position to be putting money into my blog when I have bills and kids to raise, that would be asinine of me. Maybe I will check around and see about wordpress; wait, is wordpress free like blogger? It’s enough to remember to get on one blog with all the other one’s we read daily let alone remember two. I have got to solve this issue shortly, if not just for all of you but, for me and my sanity



One thought on “Monday’s Mental Manuscript

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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