The Day Formerly Known As Judgment Day

I am writing this piece from the great beyond because if you haven’t heard; we all died today!!!

A lot of people have blogged about Judgment Day and Harold Camping; I will not be an exception. You know me; I cannot let something as crazy as this go by and not voice my opinion.

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As a writer I understand that freedom is very important. I exercise my right to free speech daily and I can’t complain about having freedom of religion neither.
Here’s the problem though…. When people apply their freedoms there should be a few rules.
1- If you believe that Jesus is coming back to collect all his loyal souls and God is going to destroy the world you shouldn’t be allowed to run through the streets yelling it. I exaggerate a bit but, it’s not way off.
2- If you make a boatload of money off of people’s fears you should have to donate it to a charity. No one should be getting rich off lies, fear and panic except for Hollywood and writer’s of horror novels.

You are free to choose your religion and your beliefs and you can tell all the people you want about it if you choose to. What you shouldn’t be doing though is spreading fear and panic, especially when it is our jobs as adults to not freak out our children. What did Harold Camping and his group of followers gain by scaring people about May 21; besides strike 2 in the credibility department? I am sure he received a ton of money.

Many people in fact made money off the fear of others. Honestly, I am not shocked that people believe in the craziest ideas. It just shows me time and time again that people will believe anything and they will pay whatever price for shit they don’t need. Like over 200 people signed up and paid so that their animals would be taken care of when we all perished. Can someone tell me what is wrong with that sentence? People PAID so their animals would be taken care of when WE ALL PERISH!! Hello….. If everyone is dead who the hell is taking care of the animals? Over 200 people just willingly gave away their hard earned money to a scam.

Way to go people; common sense is dead I assure you.

Camping’s followers quit their jobs so they could spread the message that we were all going to die today. I wonder how they are going to pay their bills now. I don’t want to be a jerk here but, if you quit your job so that you could spread the message of a man who was already wrong once; then you should spend time in a mental hospital. If anyone else went around talking like his followers and he did, they would be put in a padded room and heavily medicated in a heartbeat. So why is it that self proclaimed prophets and their brain washed groupies aren’t? Any other person his age would have been labeled with Alzheimer’s and not taken seriously.

It is one thing to believe in God and read the Bible; it is another thing to run around and tell people they are going to die. Seems to me that telling people they are going to die is a threat and maybe we should start calling those types of people terrorists. Striking terror into people IS called terrorism.

How many times do we have to hear about a cult of people doing stupid things before someone steps in and says, “Enough is enough!!!”? Isn’t it time we started saving people from themselves and teach the world how to think for themselves and not let some lunatic brain wash them?

The only thing that has happened is the reconfirmation of my beliefs….
1-That common sense is NOT common. Thank you Voltaire.
2-There is always going to be a crazy person and even crazier people following them and
3- Fear breeds fear, stupidity breeds stupidity so birth control should be mandatory.

I hope you all had a very good Saturday and didn’t let the psycho get into your head and ruin your day. 
See you in the afterlife…. 

I hope this has a money back guarantee.

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Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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