It’s Called Dancing With The Stars Not Hating On The Stars

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I read an article today about Dancing With The Stars and some of the comments. People can be so hateful. I don’t always get a chance to watch TV and I am not usually one for shows like DWTS. As with any article I read I am always drawn to the comments, I guess it is because people never fail to show how truly miserable they really are. The hate is so common  in articles it is absolutely sickening.

First off you are using an alias to leave a comment about someone who has the guts to go on TV and make an ass out of themselves. You then have the audacity to criticize someone because they get enough votes to keep them on the program. Why are you mad? Because the “big” girl has more fans then the “jock” or the “skinny” girl? Really???? So we are still stuck on judging people by their appearance?

The producers of DWTS know exactly what they are doing and you are bitching about who is still on the show but, you ARE watching it, voting, and commenting. Hmmmm, sounds like they know what to do to get people to tune in and waste God knows how much time whining about it. That’s talent in itself right there.

I want to share some of the comments I read with you, I will not post the names since they are aliases and really not worthy of acknowledging. Honestly, neither are the comments; I just want you to see how petty and miserable people are.

“Millions of people in America have been voting for and keeping Kristy in the running for some reason. I think it’s because she looks sooooo bad and they want to make the obvious loser the winner. It’s a bad joke being played on the show and the viewers! I think she will get the mirrorball as an ugly joke by sick voters!”

Exactly how do you know what people are thinking while voting? Are you a mind reader? Assumptions not only make you look bad they make you look uneducated.

“it great kirstie aelly has lose all that wieght.but this about dance skills not wieght losing skills.she is the worst one on this show from day one.let her join the biggest loser show,at least she could say she earn it “.

Last I heard, dancing is exercise and burns off more calories than posting hate mail online. You should try it sometime and please learn how to use spell check and punctuation.

“I hope that fat pig doesn’t win.

This show should be call ‘Dancing with the pigs.” lol Has anyone seen the hooves on Kirstie!”

These two comments were by the same person. This person has issues and should do the world a favor and go back to masturbating to free online skeletal porn and use superglue instead of KY.

“Hines and KYM should be the winner. Hines is not all over Kym like Mark is to Chelsy. Also hines keeps his shirt button. So hats off to Hines AND kym”

OMG really, you have got to be kidding me. Dancing is about connecting with your partner. You have to touch them to dance. Then again this person probably doesn’t know where babies come from yet.

“WHO is the Kirsti Alley Cat Paying off to keep her IN the Show? She should have been GONE after the first fall wks ago! Judges, get serious. get rid of her and look at the real talent!!!”

Kirstie is talented. She is a person who came out and put her whole heart and soul into the dance moves. Did she mess up? Yes. Does she deserve people talking shit because she isn’t a football player or Disney princess or a size 0? NO And as far as talent goes I give you a gold star for e-thugging about a TV show where people vote to keep them on.

“Kirstie is 60. The body doesn’t move as it use to but she got it moving. She is the most improved, entertaining, and has become a “True Dancer” and she should win. Chelsea came in with an edge; she is young, slim, and limber. She should have been a better dancer; but she doesn’t have the fan base that Kirstie has. Hines, also is young, limber and slim and he is in good physical shape because he is an athlete. Kirstie gave her all. She improved as a dancer, lost weight and entertained; all at the same time. I would tune in, just to see Kirstie. Her fans will help her win tonight. We know what we like and vote accordingly. If this is not fair, well don’t ask for the fans to vote. We’ll see how many people tune in. Voted for you Kirstie!”

This comment right here was the nicest comment of any I read. Do you see how people are though? It’s always somebody hating because of the success of someone else. There were many many many more hate comments and all aimed at Kirstie. Why are these people so angry? I will NEVER understand hate! I will never understand small, weak minded judgmental people.

I agree with this comment and no it wasn’t mine. I don’t bother commenting on any article where they allow people to disrespect others. I have not voted on DWTS, I have caught quite a few episodes though because I respect Kirstie and only she and New Kids on the Block could get me to watch that show.

Kirstie is a magnificent human being and I have enjoyed her movies since I was a kid. I respect her courage, she knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get on that stage and keep up with the younger people. But, she did it. She probably didn’t think she would have made it as far as she did BUT here she is in the final 3.

Google Image
Kirstie Alley
Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie is an inspiration to women everywhere. Battling with your weight is no easy thing and those people who don’t know how to see someone inside out and not outside in should seriously just shut up. This is a dancing show and yes sex sells but, I think you all forget that this isn’t a porn shoot. People don’t get the tremendous effort that Kirstie has put in to keep up not only physically but, mentally. It is not easy putting yourself out there in the public eye when there are so many weak minded individuals hating on her for being herself.

I give mad props to Kirstie for getting up there and continuing to work hard week after week. Hines and Chelsea are very talented as well and I am not denouncing their dancing abilities at all.

But like it or not Kirstie IS a true performer, be it dancing or acting; she knows how to connect with the audience. Kirstie deserves respect for being a wonderful humble human being and getting out there on that dance floor and shaking what her momma gave her. So stop spreading hate and congratulate her for a job well done. You keep being you Kirstie, you were great win or no win. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I sincerely wish you the best and hope you don’t let ignorant haters get to you. Much love and respect to you always!

By the way, I want to congratulate Hines on winning Dancing With The Stars.

Google Image
Hines Ward
Dancing With The Stars

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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