When The Scenery Changes So Does Your Outlook

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Have you ever sat down and thought, “I am the most unlucky person ever!”? There have been times in my life where I have thought that. Recently, I have seen another side of that thought. I am very familiar with life’s twists and turns and ups and downs. There are some times when I question why but, for the most part I try to just live life as a good person and wait for my turn to have something good happen. We spend so much time looking for that pot of gold we don’t see the rainbow. Then the devastation came and it occurred to me that something good had happened….my loved ones were safe.

Lately Missouri has been attacked by tornadoes, not unusual for tornado alley, just a little more aggressive than any other years since I have lived here. I have seen tornadoes since I was a child and I know the damage they can do.

My husband had never witnessed one and would constantly make fun of me when I would call him and beg him to go in a basement. “No exageras!” he would tell me. Which means, don’t exaggerate. I would then worry helplessly about his safe return home. When the tornadoes ripped through St. Louis and several other cities and states in April, he saw the damage first hand. That’s when I looked at him and said, “Do you see that? That was just the wind from the tornado that hit the airport. If the tornado had touched down there it would have been destroyed.” He nodded his head and couldn’t believe the damage that had been done.

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I think this time he really understands. Every time there is a tornado warning or watch I go into psycho mode. I call my husband and make sure he is aware and I tell the kids to be prepared to go to the basement if necessary. Then the other day a tornado came and ripped through Joplin, Missouri; killing 117 people, destroying the Hospital and the town. How dreadfully horrific for the people of Joplin.

Joplin is close to 300 miles from me but, still how scary is it to know that at any given time it could be us to get hit with a devastating tornado? It scares me to even think about losing everything; it terrifies me that my friends and family could die. It troubles me that anyone would die by Mother Nature’s hand. I suppose that is how my family and friends feel when they hear that Missouri has been struck by a tornado. I am so thankful for the people in my life who call or message me and make sure we are ok.

That’s when I started thinking; I am not as unlucky as I believed I was. Several tornadoes have come through, the Mississippi River is flooding many cities; but, we are safe. Words cannot express how bad I feel for the people who have lost their homes and loved ones to the tornadoes. I wish there was more that I could do to help the victims of these frightening storms.

We have friends who lost their power and had severe damage from trees in the surrounding area of their home during the last storm. As far as I know their home wasn’t directly affected but, their neighbors’ house was. I am so grateful that they didn’t get hurt and am greatly saddened that anyone did. I now look at life from a different perspective because it very well could have been my kids and I or even my husband who got killed during any one of the tornadoes.

My heart and thoughts go out to everyone affected by the tornadoes; sorry for your losses. I hope that the damage caused will be repaired in record time. As for all the people who have died; I pray the families’ hearts heal and they can return to their lives with a fresh outlook, new purpose and be thankful for what they still have. Last but, certainly not least; I hope that people heed the warnings and get to a safe place in the event of another tornado.

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2 thoughts on “When The Scenery Changes So Does Your Outlook

  1. charlie nitric says:

    Hi Jenni –

    Tornadoes are scary experiences. I’ve been in 2 before and very near to a few others. There was a big one here in 1990 that started and touchdown 1/6 of a mile in front of my eyes. It came over the west valley in Montgomery, IL where I was living at the time. It dropped down to the river and swept south through the valley. I remember the tree out front was bent over almost horizontal without breaking. The tree wasn’t all that big; maybe about 15 feet tall. My car was rocking back and forth like 2 dudes were rocking it. It was wild and further south the tornado did unbelievable damage to the city of Plainfield. WOW, scary.

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