The Days on Gary Ct.

Gary Ct. Google Maps

Some days I sit and see the connection friends have amongst themselves and I long for the days when I was surrounded by good friends. It’s inevitable; people, move on and friendships fall apart, not because of choice but, because we all become so busy with other things that we no longer find time to visit or call. Some of us will try and find time to at least comment on a friend’s Facebook status before getting swept back up in the tediousness of our lives.

It’s not intentional for one to blow off a friend, we just lose contact and you know what they say, “out of sight out of mind.” I try to keep up with my friends but, it’s not like it was before. Before we could all go meet up on the porch, now we are all scattered from each other; it sucks. I miss sitting outside with my girls, watching the kids play and yelling “car,” getting into countless altercations and drinking all night on the porch. Aww those were the days….the days on Gary Ct.

I remember moving from Chicago to St. Charles, I was still upset about our move two years earlier from Las Vegas. I had lived in Vegas for seven years and I was not ready to move back to the cold Midwest for anything. Usually when people leave the Midwest for the desert it is for good reason and I had many reasons.

It took us about five hours or so to drive from Chicago to St. Charles in a moving truck, my husband’s truck and my car. It was not the first time I had driven to St. Charles but, it was the first time seeing the apartment my husband had picked out while he was working out there. I followed the two trucks down street after street until we arrived at Gary Ct.

My first impression as I got out of the car was, “what the Hellis this?” I was not impressed; in fact I was downright mad he had chosen such a rundown neighborhood to raise our children in. The back yard was big but, it was on a steep hill, there were no fences and it was just apartment complex after complex after complex. I should have known better, he always moved us into places where white people fear to drive through let alone live. But, it was too late…. here we were with a signed lease and I had no choice but, to accept it.

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It took me almost two years to interact with the people who lived on the cul-de-sac. It takes me awhile to warm up to people, yes I know I am weird. LOL  Finally, I let the kids outside and got to know my neighbors, with my husband constantly at work I had to do something other than just clean and stay inside. Before long I found out that I didn’t mind living there anymore. The people were generally nice and most of us lived in peace. Of course, there are always exceptions. It’s funny how you find out how many people are willing to get into a fight just to protect the kids who played in the street. You see, on Gary Ctthe yards weren’t worth a damn, so the kids played in the street; riding bikes, playing ball or whatever one does in the city without a yard.

We parents would sit out there, watching them and yell, “CAR!!!” so the kids knew a car was coming. I know what you are thinking and you are right it was very ghetto of us to do but, at least we were watching the kids not letting them terrorize with no supervision. We were a gang of moms and it was one of the best places I have ever lived.

I miss those times, most people cannot say that their best friends lived on the same street as they did but, I can. Unfortunately, the time came for all of us to move to different places and the only time some of us see each other anymore is on Facebook. We have all moved on and although it’s good that we have all turned to a new chapter in our lives, I know they miss our special time on Gary Ct as much as I do.

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7 thoughts on “The Days on Gary Ct.

  1. charlie nitric says:

    Hi Jenni –

    I often reflect about my childhood and friendships I had with my buddies. Many of us lived near to each other on the north west end of town. The other best dudes were not far away either. When I was married, I never had any of the nice times you mentioned above with your friends. After I was out of the country for 3-years and returned home married, a lot of things had changed. One of them was jobs and new families had spread some of us out into other states. Another one is that we were getting older with newer responsibilities. Another part of the friendship distancing is that some things change within us and some mannerisms are not fun anymore. We all change throughout our lives and hopefully these changes are good things. I run in to old buddies once in a while and the same with an occasional email or a facebood “hey, sup?” Some still call me by my nickname from decades ago so somethings never do change, lol. Thank you for a great post. 🙂

    • InJensMind says:

      No, thank you for reading and commenting. lol Yea, as adults we do find ourselves having to provide for a family and having no choice but, to move to do so. It has been a long time since I have seen my friends from childhood, I don’t want that to happen with my friends I have as an adult. At least we have Facebook and other social sites to keep in touch though.

  2. melissa says:

    I feel how much you must’ve been missing your friends from what you wrote. These are passages of time and place…and I guess even space. Space to accomodate other people in your life and miss what has always been there with you… time to connect and reconnect with your friends… and place to move on and keep you from the humdrums of life…

    Thanks for sharing this… brings me to nostalgia myself 😛

    • InJensMind says:

      No matter what time goes on, it’s something we can’t avoid. We may not see each other but, we know where to find one another. It’s not as if we’ve replaced friends with new friends just got busy in life, which has it’s pros and cons. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. shannon says:

    As I sit in my quiet neighborhood I cannot say I miss the drama on Gary Ct. I do however miss you and the good times!

    • InJensMind says:

      I can’t say I miss the drama, although some was hysterical…like the people with the jeep and their parents. LOL I do miss you too though. I hope we get to visit soon.

  4. Mari says:

    I raised my kids in a subdivsion and loved the interaction of all the moms and kids running in and out of the house. Now I’m out in the country, which has its rewards, but I miss the days of having neighbors drop in.

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