We’re Getting An Indoor Pool

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It’s been hot as Satan’s scrotum outside for over a week and even though I have the AC running I am sweaty my ass off…… inside the freaking house. That is just unfreakinnatural if you ask me.

Even after dark it’s still hot enough where the AC is working overtime. I dread my electric bill next month; it took us forever to start catching up on the gas bill from the furnace running all winter.

I am almost half tempted to buy a plastic pool and a sprinkler and set up a water park in the basement. I don’t think my landlord will mind.

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Think of the fun the kids and I could have…. Swimming now, ice skating in winter.

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Oh yea I can’t see a downside to this.

We could wear our clothes and I could throw in bubbles….wooooo haha instant washing of the clothes. Plus the floors would be spotless from the water and soap. I really think this could work.

I could put the pool at the bottom of the stairs and a slip n slide on the stairs….. weeeeeee splash.

Ok maybe…. this isn’t a good idea, with my luck I would break my neck on the way down. I might even make it to the pool and then knock myself out on the cement.

I have fallen down many stairs before and I don’t want to do that again. Broken toes and twisted ankles are not fun. Then there are always scrapes, bruises and potential concussions. I am bummed now…. Looks like I get to experience a bummer summer after all.

By the way kiddies don’t do this in your parent’s basement…..unless you ask them first that is.

Can somebody find me a contractor; I don’t want to lose my security deposit.

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5 thoughts on “We’re Getting An Indoor Pool

  1. Tameka Mullins says:

    Girl, I thought you were really getting a pool! LOL! It has been so hot here too, but the way you describe it is priceless! Satan’s scrotum!!! Too funny! Loved this. Stay cool mama!

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you Tameka. I felt like I needed to write a purely comical post so yea…that was the one. I was laughing while writing and looking for pictures. Glad you enjoyed it.

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you Debra for your firs visit to my blog. Yes I felt rather silly at the time and decided to go with it. Sometimes playful writes are needed. Glad you enjoyed it and I hope to see more comments from you.

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