From Riches to Rags: A Love Story

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Once upon a time in the far off land known as Las Vegas; lived a Prince, Luis and his future wife Princess Jenni.

Princess Jenni was 19 years old and Prince Luis was 26.

They were madly in love but, their families were from different backgrounds making for a forbidden love. But, just as Romeo loved his fair Juliet; Luis refused to be without his Jenni.

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They lived in different castles in the vast kingdom of neon lights, showgirls and Elvis impersonators. But, they were so in love and would sneak off to spend many a night together in a secret inn (apartment) where they could dream of their future together.

The Prince and Princess would drink beer and Tequila, laugh and forget all about their duties as future King and Queen. But, responsibility was lurking and their way of life was soon to be altered for better or worse.

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Then one day, their parents uncovered their secret and banished both of them from the kingdom. Prince Luis and Princess Jenni were no longer royalty; they were now lowly commoners forced to provide for themselves.

This was new to them but, their love would see them through any hardships they were to face. Luis began working in construction to build huts for the peons and Jenni stayed at home and cleaned their hovel. She was inexperienced at this job but, she tried her hardest to build a happy home for them.

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The peon formerly known as Prince Luis, needed clean clothes to wear to work; so Jenni got their clothes together, grabbed a box of soap and a pocketful of pence and down she went into the hovel’s broom closet. There she found two pieces of machinery; “Hark!” she exclaimed “What in great Merlin’s name are these?”

Jenni stared at the peculiar looking machines but, figured she’d give it a try; so she opened the lid to one of them. One good thing about growing up royalty is that Jenni could read and the machine had words written all over it; making it somewhat simpler to know what to do.

Placing the clothes in the machine labeled ‘Washing Machine’ and throwing a scoop of soap in she then turned the dials; one to hot and one to heavy-duty wash. Since there were only the two of them Jenni tossed both of their clothes in the machine together; something she would undoubtedly regret later on.

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When at long last the machine stopped, Jenni pulled the clothes out of the washing machine and placed them in the other. This machine looked similar yet different from the first, the door was not at the top but, Jenni was so excited that she had operated the first machine she knew she could use the second one. Jenni turned the dials once again, one to high heavy and one to timed drying which she set at 60.

Finally the machine was done and when Jenni took the clothes out she was taken aback; Luis’s white jeans had blue and green marks all over them. “Oh no!” she exclaimed. Looking through the clothes she found that her green shorts and her blue shorts had somehow transferred on to the white pants.

Luis came home to find Jenni weeping. She explained to him what had happened, Luis was very understanding. He knew that Jenni didn’t know how to do laundry. Needless to say, this first experience at doing laundry was not a good one but; Jenni did end up with a new pair of pants.

Luis gave Jenni a hug, kissed her forehead and inquired,” What’s for dinner?”

Looking around Jenni replied, “All we have is tortillas and ice.”

“ICE TACOS” Jenni declared and then busted out laughing, Luis began laughing with her.

Now every time there is no food to be found in their house and someone asks what’s for dinner, the answer is always Ice Tacos.

It will take a while before Jenni learns how to do laundry correctly and how to cook but, one day she will make a damn fine hovelmaker.

And they lived commonly ever after.  The End

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13 thoughts on “From Riches to Rags: A Love Story

  1. Debra Elramey says:

    Once upon a time there was a princess named Dee Dee who moved into a humble palace called College Court with her handsome prince Butch. For their first meal she prepared tacos. All the ingredients but the shells were prepared on the stove top.

    Now she just has to heat the shells and voila! Dinner is served. However, she smells heavy smoke in the kitchen and runs quick to open the toaster oven – a new wedding gift – only to find flaming taco shells. When the fire is extinguished the shells are black as tar and good only for the garbage. Her first home cooked meal ends in disaster and they’ve nothing to eat but filling 😦

    • InJensMind says:

      LOL oh Debra I am so sorry to laugh but, that was funny. At least you knew how to cook something, I didn’t even cook for us until we together about 3 or 4 years. My husband did all the cooking once we moved out of my mom’s house. I took Home Economics in school but, it was during the microwave age and all they taught us was how to nuke things. Nowadays you can find meals packaged together and don’t need to actually cook but, I do now how to cook now and very well… I have to brag because I know where I started. lol My step-mom didn’t allow us in the kitchen except to wash dishes, honestly I have to thank her because I don’t cook anything like her and it is a blessing because she doesn’t cook well at all.

  2. melissa says:

    What a twist Jenni… but I love love your story…It’s a fairy tale that’ll last in my mind for a long time 😉

    I was so engrossed reading…geez… why does it have to end? hahaha…

  3. Ravenmyth says:

    So Jen…when is your first dinner party…and I hope the appetizer is Ice Tacos….

    I love this story…and I laughed all the way through…what a great spin on domesticity…not to mention your beautiful knight in shining armour who saw the love in everything you touched…including his now new neon pants. It can not be the end…it is only the Beginning….

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you Ravenmyth. Funny thing is I never made them and if you google it you get back Choco Tacos. lol I sat down to write this a couple of days ago and about a quarter way through I was like BAM… fairytale. So I switched it up and wrote out a funny fairytale. Yes, just the beginning to many years of stories sad, funny and happy. 😀

  4. Jim Brandano says:

    I really enjoy your humor. You made me smile while reading this, it might be a personal story but not just yours lol. Many of us have had the same things happen. I have ended up with blue workout pants with a very pretty pink stripe. Phyllis now does the wash!!!!


  5. sulekha says:

    Ice Tacos sound good 🙂 Did she make a fine hovelmaker? Princess Su was equally bad when she married her Prince…Great story and what an imagination!

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you. I was going for creative. Glad you liked it. This is the new home for my posts, I have incorporated the other two older blogspot blogs on here so I am now officially on one site only. I deleted the others because they were still getting hits and keeping me from having this blog noticed. Missed talking to you to I will catch up on your blog this week. Have a great evening.

  6. Mari Sterling Wilbur says:

    Wonderful story and what a great idea to tell it as a fairy tale. We all started somewhere! The first time I let my current hubby wash clothes, 2 yrs ago, he put bleach in with our jeans. We ended up with hippy jeans. When I married my first husband, back in the 60s I turned all his undies hot pink when I washed my hot pink bell bottoms in the same load as his undies. You’ve written a fun post!

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you Mari. Hippy jeans are great, well maybe not if you don’t like them but, I do. It would be my luck that they wouldn’t come out stylish afterwards. lol

  7. Opakowania says:

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