Spaghetti Mafia

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When I was about 13 years old we spent our usual court appointed three weeks during the summer at my mom’s house. Mom was working during the day so she decided to drop Jess, Rion and me off at her aunt’s house; good ol Aunt Janet, my grandmother’s younger sister.


I grew up around my aunt on and off during my life but, mostly it was when I was younger because we lived a couple of blocks away from her in Flint. When I got older my aunt became disabled and was in a wheelchair for many years from diabetes and her plethora of other medical conditions. Although she was fairly sick most of the time that I was ever around her, she never failed to crack us up when we visited. We would spend hours listening to her talk about her youth and all her comical adventures. Some of them seemed too funny to be true but, we never called her a liar because the stories were definitely side-splitting hilarious and we were just children so who were we to say they didn’t happen.


On one particular day we; Jess, Rion, Aunt Janet and I were all sitting in the kitchen at the table talking and eating ice cream. After awhile Aunt Janet tells us this one story that I will always remember for the rest of my life; here is what she said…

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“When I was a girl I went out on a date with this nice Italian gangster, he picked me up and we went to his family’s restaurant for dinner; I had spaghetti. Time seemed to fly by while talking with him and his family. At one point the conversation became so intriguing that I forgot about my spaghetti, I was just winding and winding and winding it around my fork and when I lifted my fork to take a bite… there was no pasta on my plate, it was all on the fork!!! It was the size of a baseball.”


My siblings and I busted out laughing…my aunt knew how to tell a story and her facial expressions along with her hand gestures were downright entertaining. She had been twisting her hand like she was actually winding the spaghetti on the fork and her mouth dropped open as she lifted her hand to her face.


I am very fortunate to have spent quite a bit of time with my Aunt Janet before she passed away in 2001. Every time I eat spaghetti I recant the story she told us and laugh half way through dinner!! And don’t even get me started singing that parody song of On Top of Old Smokey. LOL


11 thoughts on “Spaghetti Mafia

  1. Debra Elramey says:

    What a fond memory of your Aunt Janet. She sounds like a delight. How much you must miss her physical presence, but her spirit seems to be very much alive in your memories.

    Here’s my spaghetti memory. My toddler Abi was sitting in her high chair one night at dinner and I was feeding her little forkfuls of chopped up spaghetti. We had guests over for dinner at the time. Suddenly she blurts out, “I want ninny!” Since she was still nursing, that’s what she called the boob. I refused to get up from the table and go breastfeed her at that moment, so I continued urging her to eat the spaghetti. Then she says like a mantra, “Ninny! Ninny ninny ninny!
    And the guests all quietly giggle.

    • InJensMind says:

      I’m so glad I get the opportunity to recant my memories in my writing, sometimes I forget a lot of what I know and this has been a great way to document all of the happy times. You can’t have spaghetti without “milk” lmaoo

  2. Brenda says:

    What a good one, food is woven into almost all of my family memories. A smell, a taste, and then the mind is back to where you were when you were five or ten, and then all time stops. This is a wonderful story, aside from making me hungry, anyway.

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you Brenda. It’s funny how powerful are senses are especially when triggering food involved memories. Maybe a heaping plate of spaghetti will help your hunger. 😀

  3. melissa says:

    Those were wonderful moments with your aunt Jenni. That’s so funny…hahaha…I could just imagine how her spaghetti balled around the fork. I also had “spaghetti incidents” with my Italian friends but nothing like this, hahaha…

    Oh and Mr. Snufflapagus what humongous meatball you have on that spaghetti, hahaha…:P…that’s one of my favorite songs…

    • InJensMind says:

      LOL Melissa I can’t even remember the real version to the song anymore it’s always this one. My aunt was a funny lady then again all in my family are known to be sarcastic and comics. 😀

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