The Sound of My Life

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I have participated in YouTube Tuesday and if you have paid close attention than you may have noticed something… I love musicals,



“love, love, love, love, love, love, love, all you need is love, love is all you need.”

Did I tell you that I love musicals? Yes, I love them, ever since I was a little girl and saw my first musical. I don’t even remember what it was; wait… do Elvis movies count as musicals? By George, I think they do. Well there you have it… Yes indeed, Elvis movies were my first musicals.

As I grew older I watched more musicals;

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Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof, Les Miserables, and WestSide Story, etc… WestSide Story just happened to be on at 5 a.m. a couple of weeks ago and it wouldn’t let me sleep. Obviously, at anytime I had the choice to shut it off and go to sleep like a normal person but, as you all very well know by now; I am NOT a normal person.

I think everyone’s life should be lived as a musical, people walking through the streets and all of a sudden they break out in song and dance. The world would be a much happier place if we did. I know I am happy and laughing all the time and I break out in song at the drop of a hat.

A conversation cannot be held in my home without me singing; ask my daughter she will tell you. My kids have learnt the lyrics to many songs because of my out-of-the-box thinking. They also hate many a song because it gets stuck in their heads, like…

“They´re coming to take me away, haha, they´re coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time and I´ll be happy to see those nice young men In their clean white coats and they´re coming to take me AWAY,HA HAAAA” Go ahead see if you can get that out of your head and you will see why she hates when I sing that song in particular. *Evil Laugh* 

Every time the word “memories” is spoken in my house I break out in song.

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“Memories, light the corners of my mind, misty water-color memories of the way we were. Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind smiles we gave to one another for the way we were.”

I absolutely adore Barbara Streisand, probably because my mother has played her music most of my life. In fact, I remember a place she lived in Flint; when you would walk in the door on the right side of the living room, was her record player and her albums. The first album in the box was always Barbara Streisand. Aww, the memories…and off I go singing again.

Music has always been my outlet, my safe place, my sanity; those of you who are survivors understand what I am saying. We needed a safe place and it was usually deep inside our heads. My head was a library of music, as far back as I can remember; guess that made me a musical prodigy.

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By the time I was 4 years old I could sing word for word any of Elvis Presley’s songs because my father was a Stan. I say Stan because it’s great to idolize someone, buy their music and stuff but, when you start becoming them or think you are them and you compare every aspect of your life with them, than that makes for a Stan.

For those of you who don’t know what a Stan is, it’s a male version of a groupie only in my opinion it’s worse. A groupie usually stalks a celebrity because they want them for themselves. A Stan imitates them in their entirety until they honestly believe they are alike in every aspect. Eminem made a song about them; named… ‘Stan’ ft. Dido, of course.

The older I became the more the musical library grew in my head, Rock, Country, Rap, Pop, Opera, Adult Contemporary, Gospel, and Folk… you can thank my music teacher for the folk music and for the 4 years of guitar lessons that I took from age 9-12. It’s gotten to the point now that it would take me two lifetimes to name all the songs I know the words to. So, if you play me a song and I say I don’t know it consider yourself very lucky.

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Music is a cure-all; there is nothing that ails you that music cannot fix. Ok maybe I am exaggerating a bit but, music can lift your mood and it can cleanse your soul.

Therefore, I fully believe if we are to have a peaceful world it should be done by living our lives like they do in musicals.

I can see it now… Standing in line at the grocery store and realizing you don’t have enough money to pay for all that you have put in your cart. “If I were a rich man, Daidle deedle daidle Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum. All day long I’d biddy-biddy-bum if I were a wealthy man.” Tell me that wouldn’t be entertaining.

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I remember when we came back to St. Louis from Las Vegas and we were driving through Oklahoma. I couldn’t stop singing… “Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain and the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain.”

Maybe it’s my sense of humor that comes in to play here or it could be that I do this all the time. All I know is; you can never feel bad when you are singing all the time, so won’t you join me in a song or three? Do you break out in song out of nowhere in public? What’s your favorite thing er… musical?

“When the dog bites when the bee stings when I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feeeel soooo badddd…”

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28 thoughts on “The Sound of My Life

    • InJensMind says:

      I bought it one year for Christmas, couple year’s back. I always fall asleep while I am watching it but, when it was on TV I stayed up and finished it. I always expect the ending to be different though. Now I must find Fiddler on the Roof because I cannot get the damn song out of my head. lol

  1. rimly says:

    I have grown up watching musicals and they hold a special place in my heart. I can work best with music playing in the house. Loved this post Jenni

  2. Tameka Mullins says:

    Girl, I hear you! I love musicals! I like how you’re always faced with a dilemma and music in the end is used to either soothe the pain or solve the problem. Thumbs up for all of your selections. This might be corny, but I loved Cop Rock when it was on! Okay, it wasn’t award-winning material, but cops singing and dancing and DA’s dancing in the courtroom made me laugh! Don’t judge me! 😉

    • InJensMind says:

      Wow Tameka I will need to look that one up, I don’t think I have seen it. Sounds great though, I often sing while watching shows that I think need a little spicing up. lol There are more that I love but, these were just the ones I could think of at the time.

  3. Sam says:

    New to your blog 🙂 What a great post. Love the line ‘I think everyone’s life should be lived as a musical, people walking through the streets and all of a sudden they break out in song and dance’ – this made me giggle as when I play out scenarios in my mind, they often end up as if in a scene in a musical!!

    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    Sam x

  4. Jan says:

    Love ,I too “try”to sing but mostly I get laughed at, which is the same result…i don’t know any songs by heart or very few so I end up singing 2 lines over and over. Entertains me!!!! Great post.

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you. Don’t get discouraged Jan, at least you sing. It doesn’t matter if you sing well or even know the words. What matters is that you are doing something fun and entertaining for you.

    • InJensMind says:

      I am a huge fan of Eminem. Of course I love all music but, he is the only rapper left today that brings the ‘hardcore’ feeling that I have always liked in rap music. Recovery, his last album is by far one of the best albums he has ever done.

  5. Bec Owen says:

    Jen, I am right there with you! I adore music and have done since I was born (I think)! I totally agree with you…music does uplift my mood and cleanse my soul. I love all kinds of music, too…and have played the piano since I was 7 yrs old. I always have music playing…it’s the soundtrack to my life.

    I love watching musicals too, although I don’t know the words to all the songs! I so enjoyed your post, thank you so much!

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you Bec. I would be in Heaven if I could sing and dance through life. I would probably get laughed at by people outside my family but, if everyone had to do it then people wouldn’t be able to poke fun at anyone. lol
      I am so glad you liked this.

  6. Terrie says:

    Way to go Jen… as your Mom, I can say… you sure did have music and musicals playing around you all the time as a little girl. I also grew up loving those musicals, I would sing and dance… playing dress up for the family! I’m not sure which musical I saw first (or remember first), but I’d bet… ‘the Wizard of OZ’ was probably it. I know music ‘Soothes the Savage Beast’ and is considered the ‘Universa Language’… that sure can’t be bad in my books!!! Rock on with your bad self…!!!

    • InJensMind says:

      I know Mom, I remember watching ballet’s and all that at grandma’s house too. To this day I love The Nutcracker and that was always on tv when we visited. I absolutely love Tchaikovsky’s music which is throughout not only The Nutcracker but, many Disney princess movies as well.
      I can’t believe I didn’t mention The Wizard of Oz. The kids aren’t really into it but, I will watch it all the time. “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” lol
      Thank you!!

  7. Adriene (Sweepy Jean) says:

    Oh my goodness, Jenni, I love music and I do love musicals! All the ones you mentioned and more. Yes, Elvis counts (I’ll stack the first half of Viva Las Vegas with the best of ’em). Also, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. 😀

    • InJensMind says:

      It’s funny Adriene, I tried so hard to think of as many musicals that I could and I drew a blank. Viva Las Vegas is a great movie. I am actually partial to Charro, because Elvis wanted so very bad to be a serious actor and not sing in his movies but, was forced to sing in them. It was the only movie he did in which he didn’t sing. He did sing the movies theme song though.
      I haven’t seen 7 brides for 7 brothers in so long, one day I will have to buy it and all these other musicals I don’t own yet.

  8. Dangerous Linda says:

    I also LOVE musicals! When we were kids my sisters and I would dance around the living room singing to Cabaret, Mary Poppins, Sweet Charity, My Fair Lady — many of the shows we hadn’t even seen but my parents had the albums! We made up elaborate and gymnastical dance moves — haha!

    “The minute The minute you walked in the joint, I could see you were a man of
    distinction, a real big spender, Good looking, so refined, Say, wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on in my mind?”

    • InJensMind says:

      That sounds like so much fun Linda. I should have mentioned My Fair Lady I absolutely adore that musical. And Bye Bye Birdie was a great one too.
      We use to sing an altered version of that song to my grandmother…
      “we love you grandma, oh yes we do. We don’t love anyone as much as you. When we’re not with you, we’re blue. Oh grandma we love you.”
      I am falling behind, my kids have never seen that movie.

  9. Larry Lewis says:

    When you’re a Jet, You’re a Jet all the way From your first cigarette To your last dyin’ day. I have always loved West Side Story, but sob, never did find my own Maria

  10. Leah Griffith says:

    I love musicals! My daughter is forever telling me to stop singing. I sometimes pick out music as a sort of sound track to my life. I would have loved to have been a Broadway star!

    • InJensMind says:

      Your daughter should sing along nothing is more powerful in a mother/daughter bond than singing musicals together; just ask mine. lol
      Let me know if you make it to Broadway Leah, I will support you 100%. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  11. melissa says:

    Oh I love musicals too and I watched quite a few of those you’ve mentioned above. I do break out into songs most of the time, I originally wanted to be part of musical plays except that God didn’t gift me with a golden voice, :P…

    Yes, music could heal us… but right now, I’m learning not to encourage my emotions to rule over me…so I listen to music that could give me a sense of high…or inspire me…

    Wonderful post Jenni 😉

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