Sunday’s Question Segment

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I am starting a new Sunday ritual on my blog. I think it would be fun to have my readers send in questions that you would like answered.

It will be like a Dear Abby column,only InJensMind style, so please send me a question.

You can do this via Facebook, G+, Twitter, a comment on this post, or email… it can be private or public, you can choose to be anonymous if you want, it can be true, made-up, or something you saw or heard someone say… Anything goes! Please make sure when you send in your question that you sign the bottom of it with the name you want to appear on the post.

To start it off, here is the first question.

“For Jens Sake, I have a question. As I was sitting in church listening to today’s sermon I tweeted Pastor Bob’s words to my followers. The words were so uplifting to me that I had to pass them on. Is it wrong of me to share the good Lord’s message on Twitter while church is in session?”
                                         -Tweeting For God

Dear Tweeting For God,
I can appreciate how much you want to help your followers by passing on a positive message. However, I don’t know if God or Pastor Bob will welcome what it is you are trying to do. There is etiquette that you must follow while using your cellphone in public places. Tweeting, texting or the use of any social network is not something that should be done in church. Yes, we are in a technological age but, it is disrespectful to not give your full attention to the pastor. If you are afraid that you may forget what was said and you feel it is imperative to share; write it down and spread the message after you leave God’s house.


Thank you for joining For Jens Sake and the new Sunday segment. Don’t forget to send in your questions each week by Saturday 11:59 pm Central time. You can find me on several social networks just look under the tab marked Find Me On or you can email me at Make sure you sign your question the way you want your name to appear in the post. Tune in every Sunday for new questions.

19 thoughts on “Sunday’s Question Segment

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you Sancheeta. The last thing I want to be known for in this life is for being a follower. I want to be a trendsetter, hopefully this idea will grow wings and take off far and wide.

  1. Bongo says:

    Interesting……I tweet all the time from church..our pastor encourages note taking on phones and even tweeting messages that mean something to you..different strokes for different folks…nice Sunday idea..As always…XOXOXOXOO

    • InJensMind says:

      I actually considered saying to ask the Pastor if it’s ok to do so. Maybe I am a little old school in believing that when someone is speaking you give them your undivided attention. I know first hand how easy it is to just want to tweet one thing and next thing you know you are reading and responding to your followers. Technology is so damn addictive. lol xoxo

  2. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    Loved this! I couldn’t help thinking of a blogger meet I attended where most of the participants spent their time tweeting instead of meeting other bloggers – which was the idea. I think tweeting/texting/calling in company is rude and Church sure is company!

    • InJensMind says:

      Thank you Corinne. Technology is beginning to take over good old-fashioned conversation. Not that you can’t have a great convo while not in person but, if you go somewhere to interact face to face with people why would you not do so?

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