Breast Cancer Awareness Month: There’s a Lump in my Breast

I have written and written and written…about Breast Cancer Awareness since losing my sister to it in Feb of this year.


I have made it my mission in life to do right by her and all women who get sick with some form of Cancer and make sure people stand up, fight, and take charge of their health.

Now here’s the kick in the ass moment:I am writing this post from a hospital bed. Night before last as I got ready for bed I felt a sharp pain in my right breast. I got up yesterday still hurting and did what all good mommies do; I cleaned my house and spent time with my kids. By the time 4pm or so had rolled around I was in agonizing pain.

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Jen you idiot when people say get involved it doesn’t mean get a damn lump in your own breast!

I laid down on the couch and tears rushed down my face. It wasn’t until my husband came home and I took a shower that I noticed a massive lump, yes I said noticed. It was that big. Now normally people would start looking for a connection… I knew that Breast Cancer causes a lump but, not a painful one and oh my God was this painful. It wasn’t until later in the night when the pain worsened that I begged and pleaded for my husband to take me to the hospital. He was apprehensive about doing it, thinking we should wait until Sunday morning. He told me 100 reasons for why we shouldn’t go tonight. But, I, being the jerk that I am, did as any aggressive and irrational human being does and threatened him. “Take me to the hospital or I will drive myself.” I then told my daughter to get ready. Don’t tell him but, that kind of “do it or else” usually works on him. But, hey I am not an evil person; I am a person who had a sister die 3 days after a Breast Cancer diagnosis. I am the one who wrote countless posts after her death demanding that everyone get a mammogram and self-examine their breasts. Now it was my turn…do or die time… “don’t be a damn hypocrite Jen get to the hospital and get it checked out.”

Obviously, I did; arriving at the hospital at 11 pm last night. I know in my own little world I am a very special person, which is why I fully expected to get an ultrasound and mammogram last night. Yes, they pretty much let me know how it was going to be. Apparently they had no idea who InJensMind is, bummer! Just about 1 am the doctor saw me, commented about my Celtics tattoo because he is from Michigan too and well Pistons fans are still butt hurt about losing to us too many times.

“Shut up I am sick and fully entitled to talk shit, thank you.” LOL

Afterwards, I heard him tell a nurse in the hallway to get bloodwork and hook me up to an I.V. oh yippie. An hour later, right before two more nurses came in to draw more blood, the doctor informed me my white blood cells were high and because they couldn’t get an ultrasound done they had no choice but, to follow protocol and admit me as if I had a breast abscess. They couldn’t promise me whether I would see the breast doctor on Sunday or if I had to wait until Monday. Since I am still here in the hospital you can assume I won’t be seeing her until Monday.

I play strong really well, not one tear fell nor did my voice shake as a million and one thoughts raced through my head. My kids are going to take this the hardest. 13 and 16 years old and have been away from me a total of two weeks ever in their entire lives. I am one of those moms that where I go they go and if someone don’t like it well they can f@ck off. My kids always have and always will be more important than anyone else, hence the reason I am laying in this hospital bed. My sister ran through my head and my mom…oh my dear mom there is no way she will be able to take losing another daughter. I looked over at my husband, the one person who has caused me more stress and tears than any other person on the entire planet and his macho ass was balling; he was trying so hard to not let me see those tears as he quickly wiped them with his hand.

By 3 am, I was finally upstairs in my room. I was instructed to not eat or drink anything in case the doctor wanted to operate. Wasn’t much chance of that happening, seeing as they had given me some painkillers that made my head float away and made my stomach nauseous. Sunday, I slept more than I think I have ever slept in my life. My husband brought my kids to see me, they were little red-eyed angels and smelled so good when they laid down in the hospital bed with me and cuddled. Their voices, that still sound like little 4-year-old voices, were shaky and they were holding back tears. If this had happened over a year ago they would’ve probably been ok with me lying here. But, in Feb. 2010 our dog got sick and we said she was fine; we took her to the pet hospital and didn’t return with her. The kids still don’t know we put her down and she is in an urn in my bedroom. I can’t bear to tell them. Then Feb. of this year the loss of their aunt who was in the hospital 6 days before dying and the effects that had on me. Yea the kids are definitely worried.

So while I was lying here, debating on if I go back to sleep again or get up and write this post, I realized something… Things aren’t as bad as I always manage to imagine them to be. Hold that thought, in case the verdict changes when I actually see the doctor. But, I have been such an ass to my husband for being such an ass to me that now here we are hoping, praying, and crying to please not finally be at our “til death do you part.” The love we both thought the other one had lost was sitting right there waiting for us to remember it.

How quickly a tragedy will unite even the ones you think don’t care anymore. I would have thought divorce would happen before anything like this. I’m not giving up though; I will fight this…whatever IT is. And I will WIN. Because, I may not be Charlie Sheen or have Tiger blood but, I have lioness blood and in my opinion it is way better. Don’t let another second pass, go and tell your loved ones you love them. And for Christ sake err, I mean and For Jens Sake… go to the doctor and get a damn breast exam. Thank you all for your prayers and I will let you all know how I am doing on Monday. Until then, may your dreams always come true and may you never walk through your life alone.

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18 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month: There’s a Lump in my Breast

  1. corinneateverydaygyaan says:

    This is so ironic, Jenni…and I can’t begin to imagine how afraid you and the entire family must be…But you are a fighter, girl and I can see how you’ve already started to see the positive from this…Praying and hoping that it’s nothing more than an abscess.

    • Skhye Moncrief says:

      Hi, Jenni. Do you know about Fibrocystic Breast? I was literally on fire in what felt like the area a cropped off cap-sleeved t-shirt covered. Lumps? Oh yes! Stabbing pains? Yes. Poking pain? Yes. Occasional twinges or aches? All of the above. Just in case you haven’t heard of this “syndrome”, it comes and goes monthly with a woman’s menstrual cycle being worse right before and during menstruation. Four days after you’ve menstruated, the cysts are smallest (drained somewhat or completely). Cysts are caused by DEHYDRATION. Yes, I said dehydration. 🙂 And people think I’m crazy when I say that. But the dehydration is caused by caffeine. Chocolate, coffee, soft drinks, and tea are the major culprits.

      I’ve just been through my fifth year of Fibrocystic Breast. This is my second year to be called back for additional imaging and ultrasound after my annual mammogram. It’s terrifying at first to learn you have cysts. I didn’t before the first year of my daughter’s life. Then, I started drinking coffee to deal with the fatigue a mother has after having a baby. Oh, the fatigue I thought was normal! I actually had Lyme’s Disease. Joy! Caffein sure helped with that! LOL But it dehydrates your body and the mammory system becomes “pinched” in the process. Pockets of fluid are trapped along the tubes forming that create milk (apparently they have always done this every month since a girl hits puberty). These pockets of fluid are called cysts. The swell and shrink with a woman’s monthly cycle.

      Anyway, to make a long explanation short, you might have Fibrocystic Breast. I know exactly how you feel sitting there fearing the worst. But the pain is the first indicator that you have FB. Let the doctors look for answers and try to think positive thoughts. Look at your caffeine consumption too. See if that could be a problem. I’ll tell you what the technician told me a week ago when I went in because they found something they wanted to look at AGAIN in my mammogram… Technology is so advanced and annual mammograms such a common thing these days that trouble is spotted early, i.e. cancer, and simply removed. Rarely is there a problem. You didn’t note an issue before because of your heightened awareness of breast cancer. So, you are on the ball and doing what you’re supposed to do to contend with any potential health issues.

      I realize it’s easy to do the talking on my end when I’m not the one waiting. So, please don’t take any of what I said as dismissive. Just know when they say most lumps are fluid, they’re talking about Fibrocystic Breast. And know that anyone who reads your post can’t walk away and simply forget about you! You will be in everyone’s thoughts. Try to relax and pass on the coffee… ~Skhye

  2. Jessica Brant says:


    For fucks sakes.. I have no words to say. There is nothing I can say that will ease you pain baby girl. I pray that it is nothing more then and abscess…. I wish I could be there with you to hold your hand..

    I am sending you healing light and lost of love..


  3. Portia says:

    it is like looking into a mirror! my mom is suffering from BC,have gone under knife and is going through the rituals of chemo et al.

  4. Janet Bocciardi says:

    I sit here with my jaw hanging… as I couldn’t believe the title. Thank you for writing an honest post about just how you’re feeling at this moment. I’m sending you strength and a good night’s sleep, because I think the doc knows what it is and you’ll be home before you know it. Take care.

  5. Anna Sides says:

    Jenni, I have always been told that something good comes out of something bad. I am happy to hear that you and your husband have found what you may have thought you lost. Sometimes, it takes something like this to wake you up.
    Now, for your hospital stay…Good Lord girl! Your mind has to be exhausted. I can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts that have gone through your mind. Keep positive and let us know how things are going. You know that you have tons of people praying for you 🙂 including me. xxooxoxo

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