A Friday Moment: Hoodies Up For #JusticeForTrayvon

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A Friday ritual. A single photo — no words — capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.




“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to others by Sarah-Jane, of Almost There.

I was asked to participate in this by Anna Sides, of The Other Side of Anna and the other great blogging members of the Facebook group Blogplicity.

If you find yourself touched by a moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section.


Click on the image to sign the petition #justicefortrayvon, "Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin" Copyrighted Image-InJensMind


21 thoughts on “A Friday Moment: Hoodies Up For #JusticeForTrayvon

    • InJensMind says:

      I have tried very hard to catch up on all the news stories, youtube videos, blog posts, news posts… it is overwhelming. I am in the process of writing a post about it. I want to get a lot of the aspects of the case and facts, so people like you who may not be that familiar with it can read it all in one place. I take researching very seriously when I am writing. I wish more people did but, hey that’s how things go I guess. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting Jessica.

    • InJensMind says:

      Hi Linda, I do have love for everyone. I don’t hate anyone. The petition is about justice. Which I spoke about in that conversation. “And just like you want justice for Trayvon I do too. I want justice for all children who get murdered, beat, raped. I want justice for all people who’ve been harmed. I don’t just pick and choose who is worthy of justice and who isn’t. Nobody deserves to be attacked; verbally, physically, emotionally just because someone hates them.”

      This child was shot and killed, murdered, in a gated community because he look suspicious to a neighborhood watch captain. On which planet do we live in which a murderer, whether by cold-blood or for defense, gets to go home and keep his murder weapon? I have no ill will towards Zimmerman but, the police have laws to follow and those weren’t followed. Have you ever heard about a crime scene where the murder weapon was recovered and it was given back to the murderer? The petition to me is a cry not only for justice for their son who died needlessly but, a plea for the cops to follow the same laws and guidelines for every case as they expect we civilians to do.

      The photo is something completely different. Yes, Trayvon was wearing a hoodie. But, unlike Geraldo Rivera’s comments about the hoodie being the reason he was shot, I believe it is a statement that any one of us could be shot. This photo represents me and my children, we all wear hoodies very similar to this one. I have been wearing one since I was in high school, which just happened to be a big blue state of Michigan one instead of a big black Rocawear one. I support a movement to take back clothing. I took this photo to show how absurd it is to blame a piece of clothing for the reason a boy (he was 17, a minor, therefore a child still, by law) was considered suspicious and subsequently killed.

      This has nothing to do with love or hate. It is all about standing up to an injustice. Whether Zimmerman is innocent or guilty should be determined by a jury not me. But, the fact that the police allowed him to go home with the murder weapon is very much an injustice.

      Thank you very much for dropping by and commenting. I hope this cleared up some of your surprise and if not please feel free to keep this conversation going.

      • Dangerous Linda says:

        Thank you for clarifying. I think I understand your POV better now.

        I notice you keep using the word ‘murder’ and ‘murder weapon’ although you say it is not for you to decide if Zimmerman is guilty or not. If he’s not guilty, then it’s not murder, so it does seem that you have decided. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not. I’m very interested in the conversations around this subject.

      • InJensMind says:

        I use the word murder because in my opinion, which may very well be judgmental, I believe that killing (dying from a gunshot) someone is murder. I don’t think we should be killing people, after all isn’t that what we have laws and police to protect and serve for? I am against the use of guns. We don’t live in a time like we did at the beginning of our Independence, where we would kill to protect our families and homes in times of war. I also realize I cannot have it both ways, freedom of speech and not right to bear arms. I just think that in the time that the Constitution was written was a different time and it is outdated. Would I kill to protect my family? Maybe. I can’t answer that until (God forbid) I am in that situation. But, to shoot someone (i.e an unarmed child) who poses no real threat, I have to call that murder, whether he was justified (defending himself) or not is a different story. In all of my dealings with minors, I have never needed (nor wanted) to shoot one to protect myself. So maybe I have made up my mind about it, maybe I am wrong in my assessment. It’s just how I feel and Lord knows feelings can sometimes be judgmental and misleading. Thank you very much for coming back and conversing more with me on this. I hope I have clarified my views on this more.

      • RAAckerman@Cerebrations.biz says:

        The issue really is this absurd law that renders it even more difficult for a prosecutor to charge someone with a gun crime. (Oh, I don’t doubt that they would find some methodology to charge a Black man who shot a White person, but that’s yet another problem in these 50 states.)
        And, this deliberate smear campaign by (oh, no, not) the police and prosecutors is simply rendering their bad judgment up to date to be horrendous.
        I am against this rampant use of guns. And, this BS law, Stand and Defend, can make sense within one’s home (up to a point). It can make sense if an armed person (with a baseball bat, a chain, or any weapon) assaults one on the street.
        But, it is clear from Trayvon’s calls, he was the one being “assaulted”- by being followed and harassed by George Zimmerman- in spite of his being told to “Stand down” by the authorities. Perhaps, this is the reason he was rejected to be a police officer int he first place!

  1. Savira says:

    Through the news media one does not get a clear picture especially when one is on another continent. What actually happened we will never know as the person concern is not here to tell his side of the story…
    I do believe that if there are procedures to be followed by the police then no matter the circumstance those regulations MUST be followed.. and in this case ( from reading your response to Linda) it was not and this is not acceptable!
    To shoot someone because he looks suspicious (to my logical brain)it does not comprehend!
    I hope and wish that justice will prevail but for whom, why and what the effect/affect of that judgment will be…
    Loosing a child in this manner is never easy and no parent should ever go through this experience.

    • InJensMind says:

      Yes, Savira the news only tells a small portion of a story. I really try and stay away from tv news outlets or even newspapers. If they are for profit especially. I’ve learned in the year I have been blogging that not every major story makes it across the seas. That is why it’s important to me to put out facts so that those who don’t know can learn about it.
      I feel like you do those regulations must be followed. If the police don’t follow those laws they expect civilians to follow, what makes them any different than criminals? Thank you Savira for participating in this conversation.

  2. melissa says:

    I have read this when posted the first time and I haven’t paid much attention. Reading the comment you made with Linda, I cringe at the reality of this incident.

    I will look more into this and sign the petition as well.

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. -Voltaire

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