What Does April Start With? Poetry!

It’s the first of April Many things for me to do Write a poem for national poetry month And trick that April’s fool

So where do I begin Whatever shall I write I tried my hand at triolet But I couldn’t get it right

How about a nice haiku Something short and sweet But there’s nothing I can say That will sweep you off your feet

Hey a Shakespeare sonnet An ode to times of yore But by the time I’d finish that I’d be passed out on the floor

So I’ll write this little poem here And I’ll even make it rhyme I’ll even prompt for you to comment If you have the extra time

But if you have no extra time Please make a mental note To return here every day this month And read the poems that I’ve wrote

NaPoWriMo has officially kicked off. If you haven’t noticed I am participating this year. Here’s to a whole month of poems from me to you. Cheers! Don’t forget to visit, share, and comment on these following poets pages as well:

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