NaPoWriMo Day:13 Be Very Superstitious

Avoid the black cats
that cross your path
and walk in your way

Don’t go under ladders
or open umbrellas indoors
those will ruin your day

These are some of the things
*knock on wood*
that will change our luck
from bad to good

A ridiculous kid’s game
skipping over cracks
an age-old superstition
not to break our mother’s backs

Delicately pick up pieces of glass
from dozens of broken mirrors
your bad luck is imminent
multiply each by 7 years

Quickly throw over the shoulder
the spilt salt raining down upon the floor
then chant a dead loved one’s name
while brushing it out the door

Yellowed pages
at the seams
stuffed with dead 4-leaf clovers

A rusty horseshoe
by one nail
above a forgotten entrance

Tucked deep inside
a worn out pocket
three balding rabbit’s feet
and five copper pennies

Be very superstitious
it is Friday the 13th.

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