It’s Called Dancing With The Stars Not Hating On The Stars

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I read an article today about Dancing With The Stars and some of the comments. People can be so hateful. I don’t always get a chance to watch TV and I am not usually one for shows like DWTS. As with any article I read I am always drawn to the comments, I guess it is because people never fail to show how truly miserable they really are. The hate is so common  in articles it is absolutely sickening.

First off you are using an alias to leave a comment about someone who has the guts to go on TV and make an ass out of themselves. You then have the audacity to criticize someone because they get enough votes to keep them on the program. Why are you mad? Because the “big” girl has more fans then the “jock” or the “skinny” girl? Really???? So we are still stuck on judging people by their appearance? Continue reading

Guess Who’s Back

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After 3 days off of writing I finally came to a decision. I felt like I was being torn in two… you ever feel that way?

I have most of my life but, this particular problem was because I felt I couldn’t truly be myself. You see I can be vulgar, nasty and sometimes oh ok most of the time….. curse like a sailor. Doesn’t seem like much of a problem right? Well I assure you it is. Well it was,it no longer is a problem.

People tend to either love me or hate me and it looks like friends and family have taken the sides they feel comfortable with. Honestly, it works for me because I wasn’t planning on carrying any more dead weight anyway. So thank you to those who chose; leaving me free to handle what matters in my life and not trivial bullshit.

I have made a new blog for adult topics only; it was the issue that had me wondering what I should do. I have had chances to write for other sites and it seems that anything that is strongly worded, taboo or has cursing in it is not accepted. Basically, I was being forced to be someone I am not and I really do NOT respond well to people telling me how to live my life.

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If this blog was just for fun I wouldn’t care but, I started this blog to cover topics so I could show my writing abilities.Because after all money makes the world go around and we all can’t be Paris Hilton; some of us have to work for what we want. Unfortunately, society looks down on any parent who is PG-13 or over. Weird….I could have sworn that I was an adult and as one I would be allowed to say things however I chose. Turns out I was wrong. Yes, you read that right I said I was wrong. Stop rubbing it in, it’s really not that funny. *sigh*

So later I will take everything off this blog that is taboo, has cursing or could be considered adult in any way, shape or form and will move it to my new blog. If you enjoy my vulgar tirades then please join me on my new blog which is ADULT ONLY!!!! I have no way to completely block any one under the age of 18 so if someone’s child reads it well….. shame on the parent who doesn’t watch their child’s online activities.

*Starts rapping* Guess who’s back…back again….Jenni’s back… tell a friend….Guess who’s back guess who’s back guess who’s back guess who’s back *Slim Shady Voice*

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Now Serving, Margarita’s for Babies

I would much rather write my own news stories than to write one based off of someone else’s. But, many times while I am reading a post; I become highly agitated by the lack of common sense in the article and by the comments of the readers. As much as I really want to crack a joke, I just CAN’T find anything funny about this at all!!!

I read last night about a 15 month old baby at Applebee’s with his parents in Deroit, Michigan; entitled ‘Applebee’s got a Baby Drunk.’ The title alone was enough to make even the calmest person upset. Apparently, the parents ordered apple juice for the child and they allowed him to drink it from the glass it was served in. The child, Dominic, began acting suspiciously; saying hi and bye to the walls and finally rested his head on the table to sleep. The parents had supposedly assumed the child was tired; come to find out their son had not been drinking juice but, actually a Margarita.

Ok before I go into what the famous food chain said about this matter, I need to address the part in this that has me baffled, if not downright livid. I have kids; we have eaten at many places since they were born, they are teens now so that shows you it’s been a long, long time.

When my kids were over the age of 1; they drank from sippy cups until, I don’t know, 2 maybe 3 years old. Not because they couldn’t handle a regular cup but, I couldn’t stand there and help them with the cup every waking moment to save my floor and their clothes from stains and them from getting soaked. So why on Earth was this child drinking straight from a glass? And don’t Margaritas come in their own specially designed glass at that? He couldn’t possibly be a professional drinker at his age; some of it had to have spilled on him and the table. What the Hell were his parents doing to not clean up the mess off the table or the child? Even now I teach my kids to clean up a spill immediately; to keep them from being wet and to not put extra strain on the waitress, who doesn’t get paid enough to clean up after a messy child, by the way. How do you sit that close to anyone let alone a toddler and not smell the potent stench of Tequila in a Margarita?

Seriously, these parents should’ve paid closer attention. The consistency alone of apple juice is way different than that of a Margarita. Let’s say the Margarita didn’t have the usual crushed ice blended thickness to it and it just had ice cubes. Some places do this; I don’t know why, because everyone knows a Margarita is thick like a slushie. So, if it did even slightly appear like apple juice, what kind of parent hands over a drink with ice cubes in it to a 15 month old? A negligent parent is who!!! That is choking hazard #1!

Ok, so you have parents who are clearly not paying attention to what their child is drinking. Kids when they taste something nasty they spit it out….did this toddler not spit out the drink at least once? Now say the drink was in a cup with a lid and a straw and the parents didn’t realize it wasn’t apple juice just by looking at it. Why would Applebee’s put a Margarita in a plastic cup with a lid and straw? Last I knew when I ate there; the bar is separate from the rest of the drinks and kitchen. This truly is one of the most messed up case of negligence on humanity that I have seen in a minute.

Now on to the restaurant’s part, “the manager offered his sincerest apologies. The family then rushed Dominic to the hospital, where he was found to have a blood alcohol content level of .10.” WTF!!!!!!!!!!! The baby was legally drunk. That is the level where an adult cannot be driving yet a 15 month old consumed that much alcohol. GTFOH…….. That amount of alcohol is the equivalence of 2-4 12 oz. Margaritas for a grown adult. I know the child is a child with a lot less body mass but, COME ON, that child had to have drunk more than a sip or 2. As a parent I am so beyond outraged; at not only the restaurant’s negligence but, the stupidity of these parents. Plus, the restaurant offered just an apology…. really, can you say lawsuit!! I can only hope if the parents do take Applebee’s to court, the judge sees fit to punish the parents also. I mean, you can’t place the entire thing on just the restaurant, any other parent would have been aware to what their child was drinking. Any other parent would have realized something was wrong before the child had a blood alcohol of .10. I am sure they disputed their bill too before rushing Dominic to the Hospital. If it had happened to one of my kids; NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED but, just say if it did, the cops could have spoken to me at the Hospital about my running off and not paying my bill.

It’s time to revoke their liquor license, in my opinion. This should have never happened what-so-ever!!! And now as I try to calm myself down some, I must touch on the ignorance of the comments on the original post on A lot of the comments I read said…”I had my first beer as a child” and “Parents use to use Brandy and Whiskey on gums for teething babies.” This is true; I was one of the babies soothed with this method because I was a 70’s baby, back before anyone knew that alcohol and cigarettes were detrimental for an adults health let alone for infants.

But, the part these people seem to be missing is this…. a finger dipped in Whiskey and rubbed on an infants gums is nothing compared to a full glass of a Margarita. There is a substantial amount of Tequila in one; you can have anywhere from a shot glass (2 oz) to a 1/4 or even a 1/2 of a glass depending on who is making the Margarita. I, myself, an avid Tequila drinker, pours a lot of Tequila in mine; and in my experience most restaurants don’t take the time to measure.

It’s a sad world we live in and every day I see more and more dim-witted acts that could have been avoided with just a tiny bit of common sense. Perhaps my common sense is superior to most people’s common sense. I am just so bewildered at how this could so easily happen and how so many members of society are so nonchalant about it. I will be on the lookout for more about this story, I have to know if true justice will be served.

Rapist Finally Gets Sentenced to Prison

As much as I hate to continue on a subject that I have blogged about previously I have no choice but, to state my opinion on something I just read. As you know I already blogged about Convicts using Facebook. Now it seems that Twitter is in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and when I read this I became even more angry than I did with the Facebook one.

I sat down this morning to read my newspaper, I am behind, this was actually Saturday’s paper, the first thing that caught my eye was; Tweets land sex offender in prison. Now with a title like that you think…. a sex offender did his time and is now out and tweeting obscenities to children, right?

Yea, ummm NO. He didn’t do any time for committing statutory rape of a 16 year old girl. Instead, the judge gives him probation and makes him sign a list of conditions, one being to stay off of social network sites (Twitter and Facebook) where he could communicate with minors.

His name, Reginald Hicks Jr, an assistant coach at a high school in St. Charles County in Missouri. He had pleaded guilty on December 3 of last year but, what he admitted to took place in November of 2009. He was charged with 9 counts of statutory sodomy and 2 counts of statutory rape.

He got caught on Twitter on Dec.4 where he had sent tweets bashing the judge in his case. “White guy before me got the ‘You’ve got a bright future ahead of you’ speech. I got the ‘you aint (expletive)’ speech. #BlatantRacism.”

Wow, how absurd. He gets a slap on the wrist for rape. RAPE!!! Doesn’t matter how you put it rape is rape. If a person is under 18 they don’t own their bodies, so even if she gave permission, which I don’t know the exact details of what happened, she is still a minor and he isn’t. They found it illegal because they arrested him and tried him and he was found GUILTY, that is enough for me.

So here are a few of the reasons I got so mad. 1- he got a slap on the wrist for rape, that is beyond ridiculous to me. I just can’t even express how much this bothers me; how a child’s innocence is stripped and our response is “sorry for your anguish and the lifetime of pain you will endure in all of your relationships, but yea we are only going to give him probation.”  It’s sick just plain sick that a judge thought probation was justice in the first place. 2- This man had the audacity to be angry and even bring race into the situation when he raped a girl. WHAT!!!!! That right there tells you how much he doesn’t comprehend that what he did was wrong.  3- The dates on this bother me. The girl was raped in ’09, a yr later he plead guilty and here it is March and now it’s in the news. No wonder people have no faith in the justice system, it takes too long and then things like this happen.

I hope the girl is getting lots and lots of counselling. This is something that will affect her for the rest of her life in all of her relationships. I also hope that somebody tells her it’s not her fault and that just because the judge let the man off so easy it doesn’t mean she is to blame.

People wonder why women get all “crazy.”  It has a lot to do with things like this, teen girls who were violated in some way and then made to feel like they did something wrong. It is a vicious cycle and it needs to stop. We need to teach our daughters to take pride in themselves, be smart and never ever EVER allow a man to abuse us in any way, shape or form. Nothing can bring back the innocence lost and once a girl loses her self-respect it will take her a lifetime to regain it and some NEVER get it back.

Convicts Using Facebook

I was on snaptu on my Blackberry doing my nightly ritual of reading blogs when I saw “Should Convicts Lose The Right To Go On Facebook?” which is on Jezebel. In the post they talk about how convicts get on facebook using cellphones that have been smuggled in. Apparently, inmates are doing more then updating their statuses, like threatening their victims. I have never been arrested in my life and some questions popped up in my head while reading this article.

The first being, how does someone smuggle anything into a prison…pause, I know how they do it but, I mean how is it possible they get past guards? You would think that with all the smugglings going on the prison’s would up their security to cavity searches or body X-Rays, I mean something. Ok maybe, the problem lies in costs of running a prison, well how about no more visitations then? Obviously it is a problem that isn’t be dealt with in California alone last year they confiscated 11,000 cell phones. That is outrageous!!!

The second thing I got to thinking about was, in the article they talk about the convicts rights. David Fathi, director of the ACLU’s (American Civil Liberties Union) National Prison Project, said that “inmates shouldn’t be allowed to have cell phones, but if they do obtain an illegal device, they should be able to do what they want online.”

Ok so a person does a crime, gets convicted of this crime, and still thinks they have rights while they are incarcerated? Seriously?? How is it possible that we think criminals should still be treated the same as law-abiding citizens? The way I see it they are in jail for breaking the law, some may not be too bad but, many are horrendous acts that got them put there. I don’t think those people should be allowed to have the same freedoms as someone who takes care to follow laws and not hurt others.I just can’t grasp it at all. It will be interesting to see how they solve this problem though.

Shoe Lust Leads to Unnecessary Operation

Article first published as Woman Who Lied about Pain to get a Free Operation Should Have to pay it Back on Technorati.

Last night, well technically 2 am, I lied down like I always do to try and sleep. Alas, no dice. So I pick up my Blackberry and begin reading all the news on my Snaptu application. One of the blogs I love reading is Jezebel.

I came across this article about the woman who had foot surgery so that she could wear designer heels, cleverly entitled, “Lust for Designer Heels Drives Woman to get Unnecessary Foot-Slimming Operation.” As I read, I was disgusted, not just about how she scammed Britain’s Healthcare to get a senseless and unnecessary surgery but also at the lengths women go to nowadays for fashion/beauty. Really, having your feet broken to wear certain shoes, I can only shake my head at this.

I often wonder what the parents of these type of women must have taught them as children. I don’t understand how you would be so vain as to have an expensive operation done, free of charge, on your country’s dime, for high heels. If a shoe hurts why on Earth would you wear it? Only women do this, parents tell their kids if the shoe hurts then a new pair will be bought that fits. We sure don’t tell them, “Beauty is pain, suck it up or we will have your foot made smaller so the shoe works for you.”

Well, the operation is now done and she is gloating because she lied to her doctor so that she could get a free operation. I say, make her pay it back, even if it means auctioning off her personal property including her newly acquired name brand shoes.

Is it possible to just be yourself and be proud of that

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and before you know it, everyone in this great country of ours will be dressed in green, drinking green beer and saying, “Today we are all Irish.” Hmmph, I am part Irish on my maternal side, hell, I am a lot of things to tell you the truth and I am sure as time goes by in my ancestry quest I will find more.

Most people are aware of their ancestry because their family goes on and on about it. I come from many a broken home and the last thing any of the people in my family wanted to talk about was their ex or their abusive alcoholic parents. I am perplexed by this, because both; my kids and I are the ones missing out. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to find those branches of my family tree that my relatives have attempted to saw off. In my opinion, it is extremely important to know where you came from and to celebrate all that you are. However, I have a problem with claiming a nationality for a day just to get drunk and I am beyond fed-up of the racists who are the first in line to do this every chance they get.

Now back to the stupidity of the masses on holidays. You see, I believe that as Americans we are a lazy, egotistical, and bullying country. We take great pride in getting what we can by not doing actual work. We prefer to steal, claim, or fight to get what we think the rest of the world owes us. I was born in this country, as were many a generation before me, including the 3 tribes of Native American Indians I have in my blood. My bloodline runs thick in this country, 4-6 generations in my family have been born in the United States of America. We have endured the good and the bad in this land and depending on which branch of my family tree you talk to, some endured way more bad than good.

It’s a sad thing to hear stories about a people who came to a country to make a better life for their families and find out that they aren’t welcome; especially when they have spent their entire life savings and risked health and life just to get here. That is what happened to the Irish. But, what do you expect from a people who steal then kill off the rightful owners of an entire country, technically an entire continent because the “Americas” were occupied with many people and somebody from Europe rode in and stole it from them. Hence the need for Independence, to take back a country that was rightfully yours. Too bad the Naive Americans throughout the entire continent didn’t get that opportunity. But, that kiddies is a story for another time, we are discussing the need to be something you are not during celebrations but, not during the times when we were treated poorly.

I would prefer a world where we all were at peace; where we all celebrated together in harmony and rejoiced in the fact that we are all alive. Unfortunately, this is not what we do. Instead, we claim and celebrate other nationalities good times because it involves good food, music and drinks not because they escaped the tyranny of some other countries clutches. I know St. Patrick ’s Day isn’t about Independence; I used that as an example primarily because it is nearing that holiday and because of the hypocrisy of this nation’s citizens. Nobody wanted to be Irish when there were signs posted in storefronts “No Irish need apply,” but, all of a sudden come St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wants to be Irish.

The same thing applies to Mexicans. Every single day there is something going on about Mexicans in the United States and some racists screaming “Get them out of MY country.” Then all of a sudden Cinco de Mayo comes along and BAM just like clockwork everyone wants to be Mexican. Hellooooo, aren’t you the same people who said you don’t want them in your country? Aren’t you the same people who don’t want Spanish spoken or taught in this country because we speak English here? Wasn’t that you???? I am positive that was you!!! Why is it every time some racist backwoods ignorant person opens their mouth and utters the most ridiculous things their ears simultaneously close? You see let me refresh your memories or teach you something that you would possibly have learned if you had stayed in school past the 5th grade. This country we call home was already inhabited, we didn’t like that and they didn’t like us sailing in and taking what was theirs. So we being the wonderful, kind, humanitarians we are ,we made them move and if they didn’t move quietly and quickly, we raped and killed as many as we could; men, women and children. Wasn’t that mighty Nazi-ish of us?

Now, we have the audacity to forget that we have a beautiful statue in the Atlantic Ocean. The Statue of what? Liberty, my friends, L-I-B-E-R-T-Y, Liberty!!!! For those of you who have forgotten your dictionary in your other pants, let me define that word for you. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Liberty : the quality or state of being free: (a : the power to do as one pleases (b : freedom from physical restraint (c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic control (d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges (e : the power of choice

Beautiful thing this liberty, isn’t it? Sounds like the kind of thing that any human would want to have, doesn’t it? Yea, so we the United States of America, had fought this war with the tyrants who held us under their control, I believe we called them England, and we won. From that moment on we decided that anyone who wanted to live in a diverse country with liberty and justice for all, could sail to our country and The Statue of Liberty would welcome all into their new home. Now that was a very noble and loving thing to do, so can someone tell me in what year The Statue of Liberty was torn down and a Bust of Hitler was built in her place? Anyone?? I can’t seem to find that little bit of information.

So, before anyone claims to be Irish or Mexican on a holiday again, please I beg of you to burn that KKK sheet and confederate flag first. Stop being racist the other 363 days of the year.If you truly believe in what this nation was built for and what we are suppose to be promoting to the rest of the world, than you will stop acting like uneducated morons and welcome people’s rights to enjoy this country just as we have. Because it’s a little late to be picking and choosing who is here “illegally!”

The Importance of Regular Check-Ups

Article first published as The Importance of Regular Check-Ups on Technorati.

My sister, a 33-year-old mother of four, who had just gave birth six months ago to twin boys, passed away on February 8th of this year. It came as a shock to us.

Jessica wasn’t in bad health, in fact she spent countless hours of her life prior to pregnancy in the gym where she was a personal trainer. When she wasn’t helping someone with their body goals she was obsessively working on her own. The worst of her habits were smoking on and off, not always eating appropriately and not seeing a physician regularly; mostly due to lack of insurance. Continue reading