Shoe Lust Leads to Unnecessary Operation

Article first published as Woman Who Lied about Pain to get a Free Operation Should Have to pay it Back on Technorati.

Last night, well technically 2 am, I lied down like I always do to try and sleep. Alas, no dice. So I pick up my Blackberry and begin reading all the news on my Snaptu application. One of the blogs I love reading is Jezebel.

I came across this article about the woman who had foot surgery so that she could wear designer heels, cleverly entitled, “Lust for Designer Heels Drives Woman to get Unnecessary Foot-Slimming Operation.” As I read, I was disgusted, not just about how she scammed Britain’s Healthcare to get a senseless and unnecessary surgery but also at the lengths women go to nowadays for fashion/beauty. Really, having your feet broken to wear certain shoes, I can only shake my head at this.

I often wonder what the parents of these type of women must have taught them as children. I don’t understand how you would be so vain as to have an expensive operation done, free of charge, on your country’s dime, for high heels. If a shoe hurts why on Earth would you wear it? Only women do this, parents tell their kids if the shoe hurts then a new pair will be bought that fits. We sure don’t tell them, “Beauty is pain, suck it up or we will have your foot made smaller so the shoe works for you.”

Well, the operation is now done and she is gloating because she lied to her doctor so that she could get a free operation. I say, make her pay it back, even if it means auctioning off her personal property including her newly acquired name brand shoes.