Thanksgiving, Publishing, Awards, and More

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I haven’t posted here in 15 days, which goes without saying since many of you almost certainly have noticed my absence. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. Then again I never know what I want to write. I never was one to stick to a list or plan. I just sit here and type whatever my brain tells me to type. Am I the only one who does that? Does the rest of the blogging world know exactly what they are going to write about and then post it?

I want to quickly catch some of you up, who are not on my Facebook friends list. I say quickly because Thanksgiving is a couple of days away and since I don’t do lists or plans, I am busy trying to do everything at the last-minute. No, I am not a procrastinator, I am a last-minute magical maven. Shhh, don’t spoil what little bit of delusion I have thank you very much.
I want to acknowledge the 3 awards I received from fellow bloggers; Deb at Scattermusings, Anna Sides at The Other Side of Anna, and Sulekkha at Memoirs. Ladies, thank you so very much for the honor and when I get a few moments I will definitely give you more praise, promotion, and pass along the two Lovey Blogger awards to the 30 blogs. OMG I have to find 30 blogs to nominate for these awards. Wow, I have my work cut out for me.


Dear Jenni,

Exciting news for you… 


The Deluxe Hardbound Edition, Stars in Our Hearts, will feature your poetry.

Last week I got an email that my poem ‘I Have Lived Life’ will be published in the book, Stars in our Hearts. I have mixed emotions about this because I have read some nasty reviews about the site, World Poetry Movement. I don’t know if it’s true what some people have said about them publishing every poem that is submitted, even if it’s sub-par and not worthy. But, I can say this… regardless, my poem will be in print, the book is legit, and it sells at Barnes & Nobles for $70. I won’t be buying the book because I think it’s asinine for a poet to have to pay for the book they are being published in. Of course, they give me a chance to buy it for $50. My answer is still NO! They are using my copyrighted poem to make money, along with all these other poets and expect us to pay to own the book we are published in… they must be smoking frankincense. And even though I believe that having to buy something I’m published in is the cherry on top of the steaming pile of fresh bull shit, I am still happy to be in print.

The other day, I hit 9500 views on here. Thank you all so much for reading. I appreciate all of you so much. I then discovered that I have a Google page rank of 3. Not bad for a 5 month old blog huh. Seriously though, I can only take so much credit…ultimately, if it wasn’t for all of you readers it wouldn’t matter what I post I wouldn’t be as successful as I have been. Come here and give me a hug you lovely, wonderful people you!!!

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Our family recently got a new Pitbull puppy last month. Her name is Lady and the people we got her from swear she was 2 months old; she is far too big to be that young. The vet says about 4 months, the way my 8-year-old male Pit is chasing her tells me she is older. I love my dogs like my children but, they are going to kill me if they keep trying to give me grandpuppies. I don’t have time for pregnant dogs, raising puppies, and non-stop poo patrols. My husband on the other hand, is a man so he doesn’t understand the stress I am already under just by having a female puppy. Aww men, if only there was a way for them to give birth, so they could learn firsthand a portion of why we are such bitches. But, I digress.


My husband, the two kids, and I all went to the eye doctor last week. I knew the kids had trouble seeing; my daughter was actually born with a triangle iris. A few years ago when we found out my son needed glasses well it broke my heart because he already is hearing impaired and needs to wear hearing aids in both ears. So when I made the appointment I fully expected the kids to need glasses. I had reading glasses before and figured eh, reading glasses again for sure. Boy, was I wrong. LOL Turns out I don’t see as well as I thought I did. I blame the laptop!!! Now hubby he was being a baby. He is always on some toddler shit when it comes to seeing a doctor. I have to threaten, coax, beg, and/or bribe to get him to go. So, here we were sitting in the parking lot and I said park the truck, you have an appointment too. He has the audacity to tell me NO. WHAT?! I swear to God, being married to him has been like raising another child. I go in and fill out my paperwork and call him on the phone. Ok, what I am about to say some of you may laugh, some of you may be in shock, and some of you may think I am a lying jerk but, here goes… I told him that doctors offices charge you a fee if you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours before the day of said appointment. This is true in many cases, so I didn’t really lie. He didn’t respond to me but, hung up. I went back to filling out my paperwork and look up, hubby came inside. I know, I know… Bad Jen! Honestly, it is a good thing I did what I did, his eyes were really bad, his left eye especially. You see, Jen knows best and don’t ever forget that! LOL

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Well, once again my quick post turned into rambling on about absolutely nothing. HA. It’s ok though you all have your post to read, I have what’s left of my sanity for the time being, and we can all be grateful together that we enjoy each other’s online company.

Oh and I almost forgot. *FACEPALM* I published 2 Christmas poems and 1 Christmas story on Yahoo as well, which is one of the reasons I haven’t updated on here in two weeks. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But, in case you don’t believe me here you go. Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Enter The Snowflakes: a haiku

A Christmas Eve Poem: a poem about Christmas Eve and Santa.

The Mice Before Christmas: a story about 3 little mic brothers reading The Night Before Christmas.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. May you all be thankful for all that you have. And as always when it comes to those less fortunate; a thought is nice but, food to eat is better. So go out there and give. Don’t be greedy, go and give to the needy!

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And The Award For Most Awards In A Week Goes To…

Do you ever feel like your life resembles an awards show? Every time I write something I feel like I am waiting to be nominated for an Emmy or Grammy or something to that effect. It’s not like I need the awards to make me feel special but, I do feel special when I receive one. Last week was no exception when I received 3 awards from fellow bloggers/ friends.

I step up to claim my honor with speech in hand, look out to the crowd and realize that what I thought was my speech was nothing more than a receipt from the bar I was at last night getting wasted in celebration. “Umm…” I start out, “It looks as if I misplaced my speech, and so I guess I have to do this the old-fashioned way.” The crowd laughs.

“First off I would like to thank all the people who believed in me when I didn’t. I’d also like to thank the people who nominated me for these wonderful awards… (You can find these and more on my accomplishments page.)


Roy’s Garage Sell and Auction Well









Sulekha’s Memoirs



You have all blessed me with such honor and I appreciate this in more ways than you know.”

“I would like to say a few things about myself before I toss the awards to the new nominees-in-waiting.”

1-I have premonitions. I can remember as early as 4 years old having them. They come to me while I am dreaming. I don’t normally remember my dreams but, these always stick. I have seen many things while growing up and this although I am thankful for having such abilities I am also sad that I can’t do anything about what I see. My last premonition was about my sister being sick, a few months later she was indeed sick and passed away.

2-I have seen ghosts/spirits since I was very young. My first memory was in my grandmother’s house where two brothers had died when they were about 18 years old. I woke up in the middle of the night to see them standing at the end of my bed, one said to the other “She’s awake.” I freaked out; I saw and heard them clear as day. I banged on the wall behind me where my grandma’s room was, never taking my eyes off them. My grandma turned on the light and they were gone. She told me to say “God is my light” when I saw things that scared me, to this day if I have a nightmare I think those words to help me move on to something happier.

3-There is always at least one light on in my house at all times. My daughter sees spirits as well and quite a few have frightened her to the point she would scream bloody murder several times at night. I finally had to leave lights on so she couldn’t see them all the time. Mostly their appearances scared her because she saw what they looked like when they died. It was hard for her because she didn’t watch horror movies, imagine how you felt the first time you saw a half-burned body in a movie; now imagine if that body was right in front of you and you were only a small child. Freakin’ scary isn’t it??

4-I have lots of scars on my body; from accidents, surgeries, former cutting, attempted suicides, and internalizing anger. I have learned to cool down before cleaning or doing dishes because somehow I always manage to cut myself with a knife I didn’t notice or breaking a glass or plate. I have broken many collectables and none of them were intentional.

5-I don’t like fighting but, I can and will fight when provoked. I am very peaceful and will try to talk it out first but, when I feel like I must stand up I do it without a second thought. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like nobody helped them in their time of need.

6-I believe we all come into one another’s lives for a reason. We are all connected and should be learning from one another no matter if it’s a good lesson or a bad lesson. A person who spreads hate and drama in your life is teaching you how to handle that negativity and how to not be that way to someone else. You can learn very important lessons from everyone; just sit back and observe them and you will see the lesson.

7-I was born in Flint, Michigan and from there I have lived in many other places. In Michigan I lived in Flint, Mt. Morris, Fairview and Rose City. I lived in Las Vegas, NV for 7 years on and off… twice for 4 months a piece I lived in Mexico City, Mexico. In Illinois I have lived in Chicago twice for about a year and Stockton for a year and a half. Then we moved to Missouri, St. Charles for about 7 years and St. Louis for 3 years. Of all the places I have lived I consider Las Vegas to be my home. It is true what they say about home is where the heart is, my heart is with my grandparents, mom, brother, my departed sister and the place I met my husband and where my kids were born. I suppose if my family ever moved out of Vegas it might no longer feel like home.

I hope you have enjoyed my 7 about me’s and now I must nominate 21 blogs. Whew this could take me a few minutes.

1- Mari’s Photography Tips

I love her images and she is also very helpful to anyone who aspires to take good pictures. Mari is very enthusiastic about her blog but, also about other’s blogs. It always makes me feel better when I know Mari has commented on my blog.

2- Sulekha’s Memoirs

I have to renominate her. Sulekha is not only a good writer she is a romantic so when you read her posts you can feel the love, joy, sadness and pain that comes from the struggle of the mind not grasping what the heart knows.  Her posts will make you feel not just think.

3- Stuart’s Bornstoryteller

Whether he is writing fictional stories or posts about the education system you have to give Stuart credit for being a great writer. His educational pieces make you think and his stories make you feel like you are watching it happen not just reading it. Don’t be surprised if one of his stories ends up as a movie.

4- Debra’s Pure and Simple

I am new to reading her blog but, what I have read so far has amazed. Debra is a fellow unschooler and one of the first I have gotten to know since I became one. What I would have given to have read her post on unschooling when I started out; better late than never though. She talks about various things on her blog so there is something for everyone.

5- Adriene’s Sweepy Jean Explores The (Webby) World

I have to nominate the woman who opened up a whole other world to me. I was just using my blog to write and didn’t associate with any bloggers at all. Meeting Adriene was a blessing and her posts are thought provoking and her poems flow with wisdom.

6- Wil’s Bloggasaurus

I started reading his blog after he found mine and commented. He was one of my first meaningful comments and I appreciate that very much. I enjoy reading his posts, he talks about various topics and welcomes lengthy feedback, which if you all know me you know I am wordy. Wil also put me as a guest post from a single comment I left on one of his posts. How many times can you say that your comment has provoked a post of it’s own? Check out his blog, it’s a very good read.

7- Tameka’s Lyric Fire

With a name like Lyric Fire you know that her poems will leave a burn on your soul. I have had the pleasure in working with Tameka on one of my blog’s. She opens your mind to experience new things, whether it is soulful poetry, sensual poetry or just a question that deserves a heartfelt answer. Slather on the SPF because you will feel the “burn” when you read her posts.

8- Rimly’s Journey

Every single time I read a poem by her my soul breaks into a million pieces and cries. Rimly’s journey feels like my journey and I long for it to take a new path down a less painful road. When you read her posts you have to ask yourself, how did her heart write all of that and allow her to still remain loving and caring to all she encounters? I don’t know the answer so I keep on reading until I can figure it out.

9- Bonnie’s Bongo Is Me

Anyone who has been through so much in life and still gets up and faces the day I respect whole-heartedly but, to get up and tell the world how much you struggle is miraculous. Reading Bonnie’s posts is very hard for me too many things ring true from my life but, after I have left her blog and the tears and heartache finally subside I realize that things in this life could be way worse.  That if this amazing woman can get up and live with all she encountered than so can I.  Don’t be afraid to feel the pain she portrays in her writing, be afraid if you don’t feel anything.

10- Melissa’s Depth

I am new to reading her blog as well. Melissa is very kind, loving and supports other’s writing with as much heart and soul as she puts into her own. If she doesn’t understand something she asks about it, she is upbeat and looks for the joy in everything.

11- Ravenmyth

Although she nominated me I planned on nominating her beforehand. I guess great minds think alike. 😀 I have just started reading her blog in the last week and I know I have many of her posts to catch up on. Before I can even speak about her writing let me tell you how in one instant I feel as if I found my long-lost family in Raven. I don’t think two writer’s have ever had such an instant connection. One look on her blog and you can see that her talent is deeply rooted to her core. Before you can even read a word you can see that she speaks from a lifetime of experience and is connected to all forms of life. A pure soul writing purely is always a rare find, go check it out.

12- Jeremy’s Skipper

I stumbled upon his blog and have been laughing out loud ever since. His blog is a comic strip and even though I stopped reading comics some time ago I am so glad to have found this one. Jeremy has talent and Skipper should be a Sunday newspaper comic.

The next 3 blogs go hand in hand since it was through each other that I found all of them.

13- Kiesha’s We Blog Better

I found this blog because of a guest post that I truly enjoyed.(See #14)  I have a lot of reading to do on this blog but, I love that they do a lot of guest posts to show off talented writer’s all in one place. I am lucky if I remember where my blog is so this really helps me find great reads without having tons of tabs open.

14- Hajra Kvetches

I found her through her guest post on We Blog Better(see #13)  and I loved it. I haven’t got a chance to read more by her yet but, I am sure they will be brilliant, some people you can just tell after reading one post. Then I went to her blog to read more where I found a guest post that leads me to #15.

15-  Melanie’s Solo Mompreneur

I loved her guest post on Hajra’s blog that I immediately flew over to her blog and read a wonderful post on wearing blog-colored glasses. I think all bloggers and writers feel that way. At least I know I do… oh you don’t know what I am talking about, well click the link and find out.

16-  Pandora’s Peace From Pieces

Another new blog for me to read. I read her Writing To Me Post and fell in love with her poem The House.  Click on the link and follow her if you aren’t and we can enjoy reading her posts together.

17- The Widow Lady

Another brand new blog… to me anyway. I just started reading her blog on early Saturday morning and was mesmerized by what I read. She is definitely worth a follow.

18- Jim’s Holes In My Soles

He brings the wilderness into your home and leaves it there. If you listen carefully you can here the sounds of the wild calling out to you, can you hear it?? It’s saying “Come take a look we won’t hurt you.”

19- JP Brandano: Florida’s Phoographers

Despite the recent name change this blog is a gem. Jim’s images are stunning and need no words but, he explains to you in detail what led up to the moment the image was shot and in a hilarious way at that. He also gives educates the reader on his nature posts which comes in handy for us “cityfolk” who have never seen a Floridian bird.

20- Sancheeta’s Sensitivity

Doesn’t the title of the blog alone make you wonder? Delightful posts to ignite the passions inside all of your sense. A must read for romantics everywhere.

21- Mohinee’s Gurukripa- Indian Culture ‘N’ Philosophy

Romanticism and poetry go hand in hand in her blog. Even though Mohinee’s blog is about India I find her insightful words to be very touching.


“So that ends our awards show, I hope you all enjoyed it and tune in next time. ”

Make sure you all grab your award and pass it on to 7 people and post 7 things about yourself.

Thank you to all the people who take time to read and comment my blog you are all appreciated. I realize many of you have these awards so feel free to take the one you want. I am still very new to the blogging community and obviously very  far behind on some really great blogs.