Thank You: A Friendship Day Poem

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To the friends who’ve been here and never leave….thank you.
To the friends who just arrived….thank you.
To the friends that I now grieve….thank you.
To the frenemies I’ve survived…thank you.
To the friends who still believe….thank you.
For the friendships that have been revived….thank you.
Here’s to ALL of you. Happy Friendship Day! ~ InJensMind

Thanksgiving, Publishing, Awards, and More

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I haven’t posted here in 15 days, which goes without saying since many of you almost certainly have noticed my absence. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. Then again I never know what I want to write. I never was one to stick to a list or plan. I just sit here and type whatever my brain tells me to type. Am I the only one who does that? Does the rest of the blogging world know exactly what they are going to write about and then post it?

I want to quickly catch some of you up, who are not on my Facebook friends list. I say quickly because Thanksgiving is a couple of days away and since I don’t do lists or plans, I am busy trying to do everything at the last-minute. No, I am not a procrastinator, I am a last-minute magical maven. Shhh, don’t spoil what little bit of delusion I have thank you very much.
I want to acknowledge the 3 awards I received from fellow bloggers; Deb at Scattermusings, Anna Sides at The Other Side of Anna, and Sulekkha at Memoirs. Ladies, thank you so very much for the honor and when I get a few moments I will definitely give you more praise, promotion, and pass along the two Lovey Blogger awards to the 30 blogs. OMG I have to find 30 blogs to nominate for these awards. Wow, I have my work cut out for me.


Dear Jenni,

Exciting news for you… 


The Deluxe Hardbound Edition, Stars in Our Hearts, will feature your poetry.

Last week I got an email that my poem ‘I Have Lived Life’ will be published in the book, Stars in our Hearts. I have mixed emotions about this because I have read some nasty reviews about the site, World Poetry Movement. I don’t know if it’s true what some people have said about them publishing every poem that is submitted, even if it’s sub-par and not worthy. But, I can say this… regardless, my poem will be in print, the book is legit, and it sells at Barnes & Nobles for $70. I won’t be buying the book because I think it’s asinine for a poet to have to pay for the book they are being published in. Of course, they give me a chance to buy it for $50. My answer is still NO! They are using my copyrighted poem to make money, along with all these other poets and expect us to pay to own the book we are published in… they must be smoking frankincense. And even though I believe that having to buy something I’m published in is the cherry on top of the steaming pile of fresh bull shit, I am still happy to be in print.

The other day, I hit 9500 views on here. Thank you all so much for reading. I appreciate all of you so much. I then discovered that I have a Google page rank of 3. Not bad for a 5 month old blog huh. Seriously though, I can only take so much credit…ultimately, if it wasn’t for all of you readers it wouldn’t matter what I post I wouldn’t be as successful as I have been. Come here and give me a hug you lovely, wonderful people you!!!

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Our family recently got a new Pitbull puppy last month. Her name is Lady and the people we got her from swear she was 2 months old; she is far too big to be that young. The vet says about 4 months, the way my 8-year-old male Pit is chasing her tells me she is older. I love my dogs like my children but, they are going to kill me if they keep trying to give me grandpuppies. I don’t have time for pregnant dogs, raising puppies, and non-stop poo patrols. My husband on the other hand, is a man so he doesn’t understand the stress I am already under just by having a female puppy. Aww men, if only there was a way for them to give birth, so they could learn firsthand a portion of why we are such bitches. But, I digress.


My husband, the two kids, and I all went to the eye doctor last week. I knew the kids had trouble seeing; my daughter was actually born with a triangle iris. A few years ago when we found out my son needed glasses well it broke my heart because he already is hearing impaired and needs to wear hearing aids in both ears. So when I made the appointment I fully expected the kids to need glasses. I had reading glasses before and figured eh, reading glasses again for sure. Boy, was I wrong. LOL Turns out I don’t see as well as I thought I did. I blame the laptop!!! Now hubby he was being a baby. He is always on some toddler shit when it comes to seeing a doctor. I have to threaten, coax, beg, and/or bribe to get him to go. So, here we were sitting in the parking lot and I said park the truck, you have an appointment too. He has the audacity to tell me NO. WHAT?! I swear to God, being married to him has been like raising another child. I go in and fill out my paperwork and call him on the phone. Ok, what I am about to say some of you may laugh, some of you may be in shock, and some of you may think I am a lying jerk but, here goes… I told him that doctors offices charge you a fee if you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours before the day of said appointment. This is true in many cases, so I didn’t really lie. He didn’t respond to me but, hung up. I went back to filling out my paperwork and look up, hubby came inside. I know, I know… Bad Jen! Honestly, it is a good thing I did what I did, his eyes were really bad, his left eye especially. You see, Jen knows best and don’t ever forget that! LOL

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Well, once again my quick post turned into rambling on about absolutely nothing. HA. It’s ok though you all have your post to read, I have what’s left of my sanity for the time being, and we can all be grateful together that we enjoy each other’s online company.

Oh and I almost forgot. *FACEPALM* I published 2 Christmas poems and 1 Christmas story on Yahoo as well, which is one of the reasons I haven’t updated on here in two weeks. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But, in case you don’t believe me here you go. Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Enter The Snowflakes: a haiku

A Christmas Eve Poem: a poem about Christmas Eve and Santa.

The Mice Before Christmas: a story about 3 little mic brothers reading The Night Before Christmas.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. May you all be thankful for all that you have. And as always when it comes to those less fortunate; a thought is nice but, food to eat is better. So go out there and give. Don’t be greedy, go and give to the needy!

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A True Writer’s Epiphany

I have just had an epiphany!!! A special heartfelt thank you to my dear wonderful friend Sweepy Jean for posting the article ‘The 7 Virtues Every Writer Needs to Succeed.’

I found part of it to be quite enlightening…“The true writer understands that she must lose sleep, lose friends, and lose her sanity, and that even then she has no guarantee of ever being recognized as a writer.”

Prior to reading this I had been thinking about all the friends I have lost in the last few months and the ones I have gained. I am evolving again; I no longer tolerate what I did when I wasn’t a writer. Now my world is positive and more upbeat with an occasional backslide because I am human after all but, I am no longer the sarcastic, negative, cursing, badmouthing, intolerable, depressed person I was just a mere year ago. Every single day to me is now a new opportunity to be great.

A year ago nothing really mattered to me, I was stuck as a housewife and mom and had no aspirations of being anything more than what I was…I was content; grouchy and rude but, content. Then last year my journey began when instead of walking the same tired path, a treadmill walk so to speak; I had abruptly turned and strolled down a new path that I had never seen before.

I wrote in High School. I was in Advanced Writing as a Senior, it was not advanced enough for me. I found it boring and I often skipped class. I would find out what my assignment was from a friend, write it, hand it in and that was that. I graduated with an A+ average in that class and yet I was almost never there. Not once did it come to mind that I should be a writer. All I dreamed of doing with my life was to escape the tyranny of my abusive household; and I did but, I became a wife and mother soon afterwards and I just accepted that… that was my life, end of story.

But, last year I quickly went from roasting and goofing off in a rapper’s chatroom to keystylin’ (writing raps directly from my head using a KEYboard) to writing poems to freestylin’ (saying raps off the top of my head) to writing articles. In that short period of time I evolved into what you see today. I was moving forward with ease because of my supportive friends and I refused to put the damn pen down.

So back to my friends list; I know it seems a bit petty to gripe over it but, the people on my list are in categories of family, friends I have known in my personal life for at least 8 years and online friends I have known for at least 3 years. So why all of a sudden, were people deleting me or blocking me? I have always been loud, outspoken, rude/crude/lewd, bluntly put I’ve always been a bitch… nothing had changed, so why were they offended enough now to remove me?

Oh wait a minute… I CHANGED!!! It wasn’t my outspoken voice that was bothering them, it was the fact more people were listening now. It was the positive feedback I was getting from my new friends. It was the point when others and myself realized I was destined for greatness. Every time I posted a new accomplishment or published an article… like clockwork I lost friends. How dare I stop being a boring, uneducated, “loser” of a housewife and become a voice that people were cheering for… How dare I not go to college and have a great talent for writing… How dare I not only continue to speak my mind but, actually convince people that I was right in what I was saying… I have some nerve, don’t I?

This is the part where I should say I am sorry but, I won’t. Because I am not sorry for becoming more then what I was, for making my children proud with each new accomplishment, and I sure as Hell am not going back to plain ol’ housewife status so some people can feel better about their lives. I will never feel bad for accomplishing my goals and dreams. If it means I lose more so-called friends, so be it. Friends support one another and if mine aren’t supporting me than you weren’t my friends to begin with.

Now you know I’m a thinker and my mind has more to say:I also realized that as I was losing “friends” I was gaining new ones as well; more professional, supportive friends. Ones who actually read what I write not judge it based on a title; people who not only support my dream of being a writer but, gladly hand me the tools and knowledge to make those dreams come true. People, who like me, refuse to treat others badly, no matter how much they deserve to be told off. You know, the kind of people who think games are for kids.

The Universe was flashing a huge neon sign at me and I had missed it, until now…Yes I miss signs too. These people who were removing me are doing me an enormous favor; every time one leaves it opens the door for “new” people to enter my life. Before long my timeline’s will be full of people I actually enjoy interacting with. I will want to continue to better myself because I see them making the world a better place. That excites me, I have always felt like the outsider and now I don’t. Home at last, home at last thank the Lord I am home at last!!!

So now every time I log in online and someone is missing, I can say “Thank You” to the Universe and roll out the red carpet for my new special friend. And to everyone who has stood beside me from beginning to end, you my dears are appreciated more then you will ever know. Because I am a true writer!!!